According to the manufacturer, the Lenovo Z6 Pro is going to receive a very good camera . In the video above this article, the manufacturer shows the smartphone and reveals details about the clip. At the end of this news you will also find another video to demonstrate the macro-photo qualities of the smartphone.

The nearly half a minute long clip shows the front and rear of the Lenovo Z6 Pro. On the back of the smartphone is to read that the main camera with 48 MP dissolves. It is also clear that it is a quadruple camera whose lenses are arranged one below the other. A lettering next to or below the lenses also indicates that an AI supports photography.

Lenovo Z6 Pro with Waterdrop Notch

The video also shows that the Lenovo Z6 Pro has an almost rimless display with Notch. This means that there is a recess for the front camera at the top of the screen. It is relatively small and has the shape of a drop of water. The rumor mill, however, went from a screen without Notch. As always more modern smartphones, the device also offers a fingerprint sensor in the display, which is used for unlocking.

The second video apparently shows Macro photos, for which the Lenovo Z6 Pro is responsible. This refers to shots from a few centimeters away, which place very different demands on cameras than, for example, portraits or landscapes. In a few days, the manufacturer will finally air the veil: The official launch of the Lenovo Z6 Pro is scheduled for April 23, 2019.