For example, if you search Google for new insights on a problem, many old results might bother you. For several years, you can already limit the search result based on a date in such cases. Google has now made the feature much more practical. With this, the company has once again simplified the search .

If you’re looking for something on Google in the future, you can put it directly after your search term “before” or “after”. These are commands that allow you to limit your search to texts published either before or after a certain date. This is handy on the smartphone, because you can filter the result directly from the address bar.

Right up to the day

You can define the time period for your search down to the day exactly. For this you have to first enter “before” or “after” and then the date. However, this is currently still entered after the American spelling. First comes the year, then the day and finally the month. With “iPhone after: 2019-10-04” you can start about a search for texts for the iPhone, which appeared after 10 April 2019.

If you do not want to be so specific, you can skip the day. With “before: 2019” you will only receive articles from 2018 or earlier. A search by year and month is probably not possible. You only have the choice between specifying the year and the exact date.