Only in half a year should the iPhone 2019 come into the trade. However, the size and scope of the production preparations complicate the secrecy of the supposed iPhone XI and iPhone XI Max very much. Details on the form and equipment of the devices could now have come through an accessory manufacturer to the public.

Once the iPhone XI and the iPhone XI Max are in the trade, users want to buy accessories. However, this is only possible if third-party manufacturers start production of protective covers and Co. in advance of publication. So that the cases fit later, so-called dummies of the new premium smartphones are created. They have the dimensions of the real devices and serve as a template. They also tell us what the iPhone 2019 will look like.

Camera as a distinguishing feature

The images of the dummy models of the iPhone XI and iPhone XI Max (see Tweet at the end of the article) are from the Chinese microblogging service Weibo. Whether the templates were designed by Apple or a third-party manufacturer, unfortunately, is not clear. But they correspond to the previous rumors.

Accordingly, on the front of the new iPhone models for 2019 is doing quite a bit, even if the selfie camera is ajusting much more affordable . A distinction from the current iPhone Xs and Xs Max could therefore be difficult from this perspective. The back of the supposed iPhone XI and iPhone XI Max, however, could quickly clarify the question of the year of construction: In keeping with the rumor so far, here is the triple camera in a square recess to see. The housing dimensions should correspond approximately to those of their predecessor models.