Even before it was said in the rumor mill, that Apple is in the iPhone generation for 2019 on a triple camera . So far, however, there was only evidence that the largest of the models, three lenses will be installed on the back . Apparently, but could also get the other such a camera.

The usually reliable leak expert Steve Hemmerstoffer has shared information on Twitter that he has learned. According to Apple to equip all three planned for 2019 iPhones with a triple camera. That would include the successor of the cheap iPhone Xr. However, the hint should come from a “not yet confirmed source”. So you should enjoy the rumor with care.

Different image sensors?

Even if all models of the iPhone 2019 receive a triple camera, it remains unclear whether they also deliver an identical photo quality. It’s quite possible that Apple’s more expensive models incorporate higher-quality image sensors that provide more detail and better color.

What all three models will probably not have in common, is the material for the back: Only the successor to the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max should put here on matte glass. The cheap offshoot, however, not. However, Hemmerstoffer did not mention which material is used here.

Only in the autumn of 2019 should the new iPhone models appear. Until then, Apple still has plenty of time to work on the design and equipment of smartphones. Not every feature that is built into the prototypes, ultimately has to make it into the production models.

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