The entertainment industry has something saturated for us: there is so much supply in the market when it comes to capturing our attention that we have arrived at a scenario in which we no longer have time to look for new content to pay attention to: we prioritize it.

That is at least the conclusion of a new study by Midia Resarch in which they analyze a slowdown in the videogame market that is caused by something curious: we play less, but we watch others play .

Watching games is as fun as playing them (or more)

In Electronic Arts they did not have a good quarter and Activision is having layoffs . The video game industry seems to be going through some problems despite its record numbers, and according to this study the reason is in some users who do not play as much anymore .

In fact that is one of the reasons for a problem that for example Fortnite has taken advantage of: being free, they explain, it eliminates one of the main barriers to devoting our attention to it. Still, “focus too much on competing with Fortnite is to look at the very short term,” said those responsible for Midia, who accuse developers of throwing too many titles with that Battle Royale mechanics .

The fundamental conclusion is nonetheless that more and more players see others play instead of playing themselves. “Between the first and the fourth quarter of 2018, playing on the PC decreased more sharply than watching TV content on the PC among the gamers. The arrival of video content related to games and games. e-sports is more guilty than other factors of that deceleration.

Twitch is the service by antonomasia that has taken advantage of – and has been doing for years – that phenomenon : young people no longer (only) watch football : they see others play all kinds of games, and in fact that fever to become a spectator has fact that both this service and YouTube or other platforms have grown and have turned a few gamers into billionaires.

A Google study showed some reasons why players enjoy watching others so much. Among them were feeling part of a community, feeling accepted, feeling the experience through others and, of course, to learn and improve by following talented players .

Thus, they explained, 31% of console players watch videos of others playing, while only 5% of those console players play Fortnite despite its global dimension. For the analysts of Midia, video game developers have an exit: “now is the time to compete in the economy of attention in all kinds of entertainment formats (not only with other games)”.