Does Instagram kill the likes? The step is not that drastic, for which there are currently reports. But in the future you would not be able to see how many Likes get posts from other users. The focus should instead be on the quality of the likes.

“We want your followers to focus more on what you share,” is the description of Instagram in the possible change. “Not how many likes get your posts.” Jane Manchun Wong discovered this feature in the code and shared it via Twitter. What it might look like you can see in the tweet at the bottom of this article. Thus, only the person could see how many people like a post that published it.

Instagram wants less pressure

“We’re not testing that right now,” the social network said in a statement to The Verge. “But researching ways to reduce Instagram pressure is something we always think about.” Should this change actually come, that would be a significant step. Likes can actually be very demoralizing for users. On the other hand, they also encourage people to publish things – and provide a public gauge of success.

However, the innovation could cause people to publish more authentic images. The number of Likes, which is visible to all users, also causes people to post many photos that many have fallen – but also little witty or interesting.

Other innovations in the social network are less groundbreaking. For example, Instagram should test that you can also send direct messages via the browser . But for many users it is much more interesting to be able to share stories of other people in their own story .

Instagram removes like feature