The Huawei P30 Pro vs. Huawei P20 Pro: Since early April 2019, the P30 Pro is commercially available. The flagship has many attractive features, a chic design and a very special camera. Even the predecessor model  Huawei P20 Pro  could claim that for the launch of itself – but since then a lot has happened. Among other things, the P20 Pro is significantly cheaper than its successor. Is the purchase of the Huawei smartphone from 2018 still worth it? Our mobile comparison should help you with the decision.

For the P30 Pro you have to spend 100 euros more to launch than for the P20 Pro: While the latter was available for the introduction from a price of 899 euros, the new model costs at least 999 euros. In addition, the price of the Huawei P20 Pro has fallen sharply. Now  several hundred euros are between the devices . Differences are also in the color selection: The current models from the P30 series you get in “Breathing Crystal”, “Amber Sunrise”, “Aurora” and black. The P20 Pro is available in Midnight Blue, Twilight and Black.

Huawei P30 Pro and Huawei P20 Pro: camera comparison

The P series is known for excellent cameras. This has not changed in 2019 with the Huawei P30 models: The Huawei P30 Pro topped its predecessor again and offers  instead of a triple camera four lenses  on the back. One of them is  based on a new mechanism that allows a five times optical zoom and a tenfold hybrid zoom . Pure digital is the camera app even  a 50-fold magnification with the Android phone possible . After all, the P20 Pro offers a triple optical magnification and a fivefold hybrid zoom.

The revised RBG sensor in the P30 Pro should also capture more light than its counterpart in the predecessor. In combination with the optimized night mode, this ensures  much better pictures in the dark . In good light conditions, however, hardly any differences are noticeable. After the already  outstanding 40 MP triple camera in the P20 Pro Huawei has again increased with the quadruple camera (also 40 MP) of the newer top smartphone. Incidentally, the Huawei P30, which, like the Mate 20 Pro, has received a triple camera instead of a dual camera, also benefits from this advance.

Display and chipset

Although both devices are similar in size, the Huawei P30 Pro offers noticeably more screen space  . Reason for this are compared to its predecessor even narrower screen edges. The OLED display of the newer smartphone measures 6.47 inches in the diagonal, its counterpart in the P20 Pro at least 6.1 inches. Both screens are very large and high resolution for smartphone conditions . The screen of the P30 Pro also serves as a speaker during telephone calls. Huawei has renounced a classic handset.

The Huawei P20 Pro has a slightly smaller display than its successor 

The Huawei P30 Pro also brings  a more powerful chipset  . The Kirin 980 is superior to the Kirin 970 P20 processor, especially in AI applications. But even with everyday computing tasks and graphics performance, the newer Huawei chip offers advantages. By switching to the 7nm manufacturing process, the  Kirin 980 is also more energy efficient .

The Huawei P30 Pro also offers 2GB more memory  than last year’s model with 8GB of RAM  . This difference should hardly make itself felt in practice. But the P30 Pro is without question the more powerful device with the better technical data. Both Huawei smartphones offer more than enough performance for almost all current application scenarios.

No memory cards for the P20 Pro

A relevant difference in everyday life concerns the internal memory. This can  only be extended with the Huawei P30 Pro . Buyers of the predecessor smartphone must be satisfied with the installed 128 GB. However, conventional microSD cards also do not accept the P30 Pro. Instead, you must use  Huawei’s Nano Memory Cards  . Alternatively, you buy the smartphone immediately with more memory. You can choose from 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB configurations. The P20 Pro is only available with 128 GB.

Owners of the Huawei P20 Pro also need to do without  wireless charging . The P30 Pro offers not only this option, but also the option to power other smartphones wirelessly – no matter whether these devices come from Huawei, Samsung or other manufacturers. For this you put the device to be charged on the back of the P30 Pro, already the battery charges.

 There are also differences in the fingerprint sensor . The Huawei P30 Pro carries it in the display, the predecessor still on the back. In addition, the newer model is slightly better protected against the ingress of water and dust (IP68 vs. IP67).


  • Huawei P30 Pro vs. Huawei P20 Pro in price: The older model is significantly cheaper than its successor, but still can compete
  • Both devices from Huawei have excellent lenses. The quadruple camera of the Huawei P30 Pro stands out above all by better night photos and a stronger zoom
  • The P30 Pro also speaks for the larger display, the higher performance, the expandable internal memory and the ability to charge it wirelessly
  • The Huawei P30 Pro is superior to its predecessor in almost all areas. But the P20 Pro offers much better value for money