Becoming a hobby photographer with our camera tips for the Huawei P30 Pro : Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and high camera quality, you can take beautiful photos with the top smartphone from China anyway. However, if you are a little closer to the camera settings and a few simple photo rules, you’ll get even better results with the smartphone.

Tips for camera effects

The Huawei P30 Pro provides you with beautiful photos already in automatic mode by supporting Artificial Intelligence (AI). However, you can still manually select some effects to make your recordings. If you want to do without the smartphone AI, you also deactivate it with a tap on “AI”.

Modes for portrait pictures

If you choose the “Portrait” mode in the camera app, settings for person photography are available. About the plus-symbol with the circle you can select about a blur effect. The effect blurs parts of the image. An important camera tip for the Huawei P30 Pro:  The better your subject is lit , the better the result. In order to emphasize a person better on the picture, you can also select under “aperture” the mode “large aperture”. The bokeh effect blurs the background.

In addition, you still have a beauty effect available, which is probably popular especially in Asia. You activate it by tapping the face icon in portrait mode. Then the Huawei P30 Pro automatically detects faces. It makes some improvements and makes your skin look smoother . How strong the beauty effect is, you can control via a slider in the app.

Use light painting

One of the great features of current Huawei smartphones is light painting. This is a mode that can be particularly softwith long time exposure moving lights or running water . You can achieve very good results with a tripod. You can also try to keep the P30 Pro as quiet as possible . These modes are available:

  • light trails
  • Light Graffiti
  • Silky water
  • star trails

If you choose some light trails in your camera’s app, you can take pictures with car taillights. Other light sources are suitable for the mode. With light graffiti you can use magic sparklers to write symbols or words in the air. An important camera tip for the Huawei P30 Pro is that it only moves the light on your subject and not too many objects.

You should again try silky water in daylight at a fountain or a stream in the forest. Water traces are very soft due to the mode . More information about light painting can be found in one of our guides to the Huawei Mate 20 Pro – the top smartphone offers this effect as well.

Use black and white mode selectively

Now you may be wondering why you should do black and white photos when there’s been color photography for over 50 years. If you renounce color in your pictures, you can direct the viewer’s gaze even more to the essentials . In addition, contrasts with strong differences in brightness in the subject appear even stronger in black and white. If you are photographing a person whose face is only halfway in the light , you will get an almost artistic result with a little practice.

In the Camera app, tap “More” and then select “Monochrome” to enter Black and White mode. Then you can align the Huawei P30 Pro already on your subject and take pictures. For good results, make sure your subject has dark shadows and bright light .

Huawei P30 Pro screen
The Huawei P30 Pro’s OLED display may make the colors of your photos brighter than other screens

Use P30 Pro in professional mode

In smartphone photography, Pro mode is also an important feature for beautiful photos. If the smartphone’s camera is active, you select “Pro” in the app. That has not changed since the Huawei P20 Pro . You now have control over various camera parameters . This is helpful if you want to make your pictures more atmospheric. However, you will no longer receive any intelligent support from the AI. The following settings are important:

  • ISO (“ISO” icon): Controls digital post-exposure, so to speak. The higher the value, the brighter the photo. However, at the expense of details and sharpness
  • Shutter speed (“S” icon): Affects the brightness of the image. In addition, the shutter speed controls how long your photo is exposed
  • Exposure compensation (“EV” symbol): Further adjustment of the brightness.
  • White balance (“AWB” icon): Controls color accuracy
  • Focus (“AF” icon): Adjust the focus manually

With simple tricks you can now take nice pictures. Note that a short shutter speed (about 1/160), for example, with water flowing out of the tap, makes individual drops visible. With slow shutter speeds (about 1/60) you make movements with the smartphone softer and your shot brighter. You should also try a manual white balance. If you shift the value, you can make the look of a photo warmer or colder. So you can miss even a photo of a simple hallway more mood .


  • Touch “AI” in the camera app to turn off smart support
  • For portraits you have a blurring and a beauty effect available
  • The classic bokeh effect can be found under “Camera | Aperture | Large Aperture”
  • As with the Huawei P20 Pro and Huawei Mate 20 Pro, the mode of light painting is used to create photos with moving lights or running water
  • The black and white mode enhances strong contrasts and gives you lots of creative options with your Android device
  • In professional mode, you can give your photos a different look according to your own wishes