Huawei smartphone users can breathe a sigh of relief: The US has temporarily relaxed its trade barrier with the Chinese company. Above all, this step is intended to reduce the inconvenience to the owners of the devices. But there is still no lasting agreement.

The easing of the embargo apparently does not only affect software: Huawei should also be able to obtain hardware from the US, reports Reuters. However, it’s not so much about new smartphones and tablets as it is about maintaining existing networks. According to the competent US authority, numerous telecommunications companies relied on equipment of the company. They should be given the opportunity to make “other arrangements”.

Android updates until mid-August

The preliminary license for software and hardware is valid until August 19, 2019. Until then, US companies that previously worked with Huawei have to look for other partners. And so long, owners of devices from the Chinese manufacturer so synonymous expect Android updates.

Huawei itself attaches little importance to easing the trade barrier. According to founder Ren Zhengfei, the company is prepared for such a scenario. In an interview with a Chinese TV station, he apparently said that the US government underestimated the capabilities of the manufacturer.

On May 19, 2019, the US had put Huawei on a list of companies with which US companies are no longer allowed to trade. In response , Google has revoked the license for Android . This means: no more security and system updates, and no Google services for future smartphones. What effect the trade barrier has for you, we have summarized in a separate article .