At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019 , the Huawei Mate X first appeared to the public. As a publication period, the manufacturer announced in mid-2019. On his official Chinese website Huawei now apparently gives more accurate information.

According to the Huawei Mate X appear in June 2019, reports GizmoChina. The German online presence of the manufacturer also has its own page ready for the smartphone. Huawei is not there yet on the launch date. How much the foldable smartphone will cost at the beginning, is not yet officially known. The rumors so far but speak that it appears at the price of 2300 euros.

Mate X displays: Customs are deceptive

If the price is realistic, the Huawei Mate X would be more expensive than the Galaxy Fold. Samsung will charge around 2000 euros for its foldable smartphone . You can pre-order it according to reports from April 26, 2019. Both devices can be used when unfolded as a tablet. The image area of ​​the Huawei Mate X then grows to 8 inches. The resolution in tablet mode is 2840 x 2200 pixels.

When folded, the Huawei offers two screens: a 6.6-inch and a 6.38-inch display. Due to the different aspect ratios, the customs data are misleading: the 8-inch display offers twice the size of the two single displays. The Huawei Mate X is powered by a Kirin 980. The in-house top chipset is also used in the top models  Huawei P30 Pro and Mate 20 Pro .