Recently the Google application has renewed its menus with a new interface and reorganization of its options, but it has hidden an important novelty in its new account selector .

Google has added a kind of “incognito mode” or demonstration mode in its application, which allows us to use some of its functions without having to login to our Google account.

Use without account the Google Assistant

Now we can use a layered version of the Google Assistant that will leave no trace in our activity history our voice queries. For this we just have to follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google application .
  2. go to the More tab
  3. Display all options of the account selector.
  4. Select the new option Use without any account .

From that moment we will start using the Google application and the Google Assistant without an account , but all its functions will not be available. If you do not have a session with our account, you will not be able to take personal actions or consultations that have to do with our contacts, calendar or control the home.

We can only use the Google Assistant without an account to perform voice actions to control the phone , ask questions, consult, see interesting data or play. To unlock all its functions you will have to log in again.