Not the number of your birthdays is crucial for a long, healthy life, but your fitness age. Regular training and a balanced diet are the only true fountain of youth, as an American study has now shown again. There are a handful of fitness trackers to help you track your fitness age.

Cleveland Clinic cardiologists in the US have found a formula that translates vitality into a physiological age. This should then provide more reliable predictions on life expectancy than the chronological age. As part of her fitness study, more than 125,000 patients were regularly tested on the treadmill for years. Depending on the training capacity and the ability of the heart, after the load quickly down again, the fitness age. The younger this physiological age, the higher the motivation to further increase your exercise performance. Conversely, it can also be a motivating warning to tell someone that his fitness age is ten years older than the identity card.

In order to rejuvenate with regard to the fitness age, one must above all train diligently. The training should be adjusted regularly to set new adjustment stimuli for the body again and again. Of course, this also includes regeneration, which is supported by training-free days, sufficient sleep and a balanced diet. Those who stay tuned will notice the difference after a few weeks: Not only will they be more efficient, more enduring and more vital, they may also see progress in the mirror. Until then, it can help to motivate yourself with a fitness tracker. Anyone wanting to follow their fitness age in black and white, we recommend a wearable with this feature.

These fitness trackers calculate your fitness age

The  Garmin vivosmart 3 is the latest fitness bracelet from the Swiss manufacturer and trumps not only with a stress level tracker, but also translates your fitness into a ratio. To see this, users must log in to the Garmin Connect web app and click on the reports in the left menu bar. Here you choose VO2Max and then also sees his sports age, which is tied to the VO2max fitness level .

Of course, you can also see your fitness age directly on the device: Simply open the Garmin Connect app and go to Android in the top left on the performance statistics. On iOS, these are on the right and “More”. Then just tap on VO2Max and go here to the question mark. Even older Wearables Garmin give you an estimate of your VO2Max value. He is then still classified by using a scale from outstanding to bad in relation to men of the same age and women. The VO2Max value provides information about cardiovascular fitness: the maximum oxygen intake (in milliliters) that can be used per minute and per kilogram of body weight at maximum performance. Modern fitness trackers calculate these based on the heart rate and exercise data.

fitness trackers measure your fitness
With fitness trackers you can measure and visibly improve your fitness.

Also various fitness watches from TomTomhave a fitness age feature. This is available as an update to TomTom Spark 3 Cardio as well as the + Music edition as well as its predecessor TomTom Spark Cardio (+ Music). The TomTom Adventurer and the TomTom Runner 2 and 3 Cardio (+ Music) are also able to determine your fitness age. The watches also measure the VO2Max value. The higher it turns out, the more efficient you are. TomTom translates this value back to a fitness age because users can usually start more with this information. At the same time, users can collect fitness points and reward asterisks or receive personalized workouts. TomTom gives you orientation: if you want to keep your fitness level, you want 100 fitness points per day, if you want to make fast progress,

Other Wearables arrange your fitness using VO2Max

Also Fitbit devices with heart rate measurement give with the so-called cardio fitness score information about personal performance. Go for it in the Fitbit app on the heart rate tile. A heart rate graph is displayed at the top of the screen. Swipe over the chart to get to the cardio fitness chart. The cardio fitness score is determined based on the VO2Max estimate, resting heart rate, age, gender, weight, and other personal information. For best results, log your weight correctly in the Fitbit profile. A better estimate of the resting heart rate can be achieved if you carry the tracker at night. The cardio fitness score is rated in one of six cardio fitness levels, ranging from bad to excellent. These stages show you how the cardio fitness score compares to other people of your gender and age range. In addition, you can also with Polar sports watches understand how the VO2Max value improves with running training and then looks at their effects after every training session.

Fitbit Versa
The Fitbit Versa and Ionic determine your fitness with the VO2Max estimate.

So you can improve your fitness age

If your fitness level is lower than you would like, it can be due to several factors. These include, for example, a sedentary lifestyle, which also carries an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. To improve your fitness level, you should strive for training and healthy weight loss. As a result, the fitness score can be improved by a whopping 20 percent in two to three months. How much sport the World Health Organization recommends a week , you read in the next article. So much in advance: You should not only put on comfortable endurance runs and Co., but also make use of the benefits of strength training in view of the increased energy requirements of the muscles and on  high-intensive interval training put: This not only boosts the fat burning for hours after training, but also significantly improves the VO2Max value.

HIIT workout
HIIT is a very effective workout to improve your fitness.

Conclusion: Garmin, TomTom & Fitbit rate your fitness – Apple only rings

If you want to improve your fitness and, with that, your health and life expectancy, you can do a wonderful job with a fitness tracker. Precisely because you do not see or feel the progress yourself, it can help to track with digital support if you are on the right track. The selection of wearables, which go a step further and evaluate the fitness data for athletes comprehensible, is unfortunately even lower than one might expect: So far, the outdoor sports specialists Tom Tom and Garmin have the edge, which translate the data into a traceable fitness age. Fitbit and Polar estimate the VO2Max value, which provides information about maximum oxygen uptake at maximum power in a given time period. Using a scale, users can understand

The Apple Watch, however, offers many useful features in everyday life, but in terms of the classification of athletic performance Apple must still detention. So far, owners of an Apple Watch can close the so-called rings by regular standing, walking and sports on watch and document their training. Here they see their burden, calorie consumption and Co., but can not understand how their endurance performance improves. For athletes, this is an indispensable feature, but Apple seems to first want to tap other audiences here: With the integrated ECG of the Apple Watch Series 4 and the automatic fall detection are mainly older people.