MX Player is already compatible with Chromecast. It is one of the best video players on Android, and although the integration with Chromecast is great news, it has a major impediment in our region.

MX Player is possibly the most popular Android player. Not only does it support many formats, but it has advanced video features and is, as we say, the best options we have if we want. Now, the app has been updated, and we can now use MX Player with Chromecast , although there are restrictions, one of them quite important.

Times Internet is an Indian company that is constantly updating MX Player , but only with options for its territory, which leaves us other users quite ” helpless ”.

Between the updates they emphasize the options of video by streaming in the own app and, in addition, original content.

MX Player Original

It has become a platform of the most complete, although for us it is still simply an app to play video. Now, MX Player is compatible with Chromecast , and in streaming content, we just have to select the top right button of ” send content to Chromecast ”. Of course, we must skip the regional block to use the app.

As we say, MX Player is compatible with Chromecast , but it is an option that can only be used in India with streaming content.

At the moment, we can only use it if we use a VPN (If You are not from India) to change our region to India both in the mobile. as in our own network and, thus, to make the system believe that we are in that territory.