With  “Apex Legends” Battle Royale fans have a serious alternative to”Fortnite” and “PUBG” . The EA title, however, makes a lot different than the other two representatives of the genre. With our tips you get started smoothly.

Classes: It’s the right mix

A special feature of “Apex Legends” is that you can choose from different classes(“legends”) similar to “Overwatch” . These have a noticeable effect on the gameplay, each with three unique abilities. Since you always fight with two companions, you should coordinate the classes you choose.

An example of a good combination of characters are Bloodhound and Bangalore: The latter has smoke grenades in its luggage, Bloodhound is able to see through the resulting chaos. Lifeline, on the other hand, is a good support character in every trio. Which team composition is ideal for you depends on your style of play.

Also note that no class can be in a team twice. Since you are not always the first to choose, you should familiarize yourself with several legends and internalize their three special abilities (“passive”, “tactical” and “Ultimate”).

Use the ping system and listen

“Apex Legends” offers a ping system that allows you to point your teammates to interesting locations or opponents. You should make use of that. Because this will allow your teammates to basically see what you see – a valuable asset in a Battle Royale. Among other things, you can make each other aware of equipment and hiding places.

You even have the option to “reserve” a pinged item by pinning it as well. However, your comrades do not have to let you go first. Regardless of the ping system, the characters in “Apex Legends” inform each other. When one discovers an enemy, he automatically calls this to his team members. So you should always tip your ears.

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Learn the card

At least shortly after the launch, there is only one map in “Apex Legends” (“King’s Gorge”). So it’s worth getting acquainted with it. So you can already better estimate at the jump, where most of the action will take place and which areas you should rather avoid. In addition, your chances of finding good equipment quickly increase. Because the probability of attractive prey varies in the 17 different locations.

The color system for equipment

In “Apex Legends” a color system informs you about the rarity and thus also about the quality of equipment (“loot”). The rarer an item is, the better it tends to be. In the following you can see which rarities the individual colors stand for:

  • Yellow: ordinary
  • Blue: rare
  • Purple: epic
  • Gold / yellow: legendary

In addition, there is a second color system for ammunition. This has nothing to do with the rarity. Instead, it identifies the type of ammunition. Thus you can see at first glance for which type of weapon the balls found are intended:

  • Light brown / orange: light ammunition
  • Red (brown): shotgun ammunition
  • Blue (green): heavy ammo
  • Light Green: Energy Ammunition

First plunder, then fight

You should take the time to look for equipment in Apex Legends. So you are already well equipped for the first conflicts. Before you go into a fight, you should definitely have found armor and, of course, a usable weapon. Especially beginners who are not yet able to aim well, should always have a shotgun with them. In addition, a weapon with more range offers.

In “Apex Legends”, “looting” plays a crucial role

If you shoot at an enemy, the colored damage values ​​indicate how resilient their armor is: Purple stands for Level 3, Blue for Level 2, and White for Level 1. Red means that your enemy is out of armor. A yellow number indicates a headshot. Armor can double the tolerable damage: Maximum Protected, you or your opponent have almost 200 HP (instead of 100 HP).

Use special skills in a targeted manner

Even if the temptation is great, you should not use the special abilities of your class at will, but at the right moment. That’s at least for your Ultimate ability. It’s best to pick this up for a dicey situation – like when an enemy squad ambushes you. On the other hand, you can deal more generously with your tactical abilities. Lifeline’s DDM hello drone is great for getting your team back on track when you’re out of breath.

Revive team members

If one of your companions has fallen, it does not necessarily mean its end: you have 90 seconds to get the banner out of its Lootbox. This will take you to one of the numerous respawn stations on the map. If this succeeds, a spaceship brings the revived team member to you – but completely without any equipment.

If there are no weapons and equipment in the vicinity, you should give your fellow players something out of your stock. Also note: Each respawn station can only be used once per team. In addition, you should beware of reviving ambushes.

Respawn stations revive team members (© 2019 EA)

So you escape the rings

Danger threatens you not only by opponents, but also by the continuously shrinking field. In order to reach the safe zone in time, you should put your weapon in the holster. Because then you run faster. If you discover one of the red balloons, you can be carried up the leash and fly through the air for a while. This will help you bridge great distances faster and reach hard-to-reach places. You benefit from the fact that in “Apex Legends” you will not be harmed by falls from a great height. If you fly through the sky, however, enemy squads can also detect you more easily.