We tell you how is the new option that orders Google to automatically delete the data in our account in order to better protect our privacy. Does Google delete our data even if we order it? We do not know, worse unless it is not for not doing everything in our power.

Privacy is very important on the Internet, and more and more users are worried about what companies know about them. In 2018 there was a great controversy with Facebook for the Cambridge Analytica scandal , and Google does not want the same thing to happen to it. 

In recent years, those of Mountain View have been giving us tools to erase the data of our activity, as well as to protect our searches or location and select what we want Google to know about us . Very soon we will be able to go one step further, forcing Google to erase the data automatically on a regular basis .

Deleting the personal data of Google , besides preventing some of them from being saved, is a process that, now, is really simple. If you go to this link , you can see what data Google gathers automatically.

There, you can mark and unmark the data that you want Google to save. Why would we want data stored in Google? To have a more accurate response to the company’s services, which are not few.

One of the most controversial has aroused historically is the ” Activity on the Web and Applications ”. If you enter this link , you can see what data Google stores and reads about our activity. Now, well, they can be deleted manually.

Until now, what you had to do to erase your personal data from Google was to go to the left side tab of that screen and select ” Delete activity by ”. However, from now on there will be a new method that will allow us to be unconcerned.

How to delete data from Google automatically

As we say, from now on we can delete information from our Google profile automatically. This is something that has recently been presented by Google as an improvement in privacy , based on user feedback.

This improvement will allow us to select how long our data is saved and also to choose between two options to erase Google data periodically. We can order Google to delete our data after three months or after eighteen months, all automatically. 

This is a function that will reach the section of ” Controls of the activity of your account ”, from this link , over the coming weeks, and this is how it will work.

Of course, Google will not erase our history automatically with this new option.

Privacy, the new focus of Google

Why is Google betting on user privacy? In the recent Google I / O, the Mountain View company showed improvements in the browser and Google Assistant , which will run more of its ” artificial intelligence ” on the phone, and less in the cloud to prevent Google have total access to our requests.

In addition, something similar will happen in the future, and recently introduced, Google Nest Hub Max , with local AI and camera that we can cover thanks to a little eyelash. You already know how to delete the data from Google, now you just need to activate the option to be something that happens automatically.