Enjoying a suitable workspace has become an obsession . So, surely, I’m very interested in seeing how other users create their own setups. Because there are always ideas that one can adopt to improve an environment that greatly affects the user experience, both for good and for bad. If we are comfortable sitting at the computer we will be more productive or we will simply enjoy more playing, listening to music or watching multimedia content.

My first objective has always been to manage the cables efficiently . So common actions such as connecting the phone to charge, transfer data or simply connect the laptop to the screen where I also connect the desktop is something simple. Then, after much progar different monitor configurations I decided that right now a single screen with 16: 9 aspect ratio was the best option. And finally, as far as possible, without resulting in a disproportionate investment, choose a work table suited to my needs. So that’s what we’re going to talk about today, how to choose the best table for our computer.

Before starting, it is necessary to clarify that all this is something personal, that I hope serves as help or inspiration for all those interested in changing the table of their workspace or leisure.

First key: what use do you make of your desktop

Choosing the most appropriate table requires that we ask ourselves some preliminary questions. One that I consider key and always place in the first place is what use are we going to make of our desk?

If when we are sitting in front of our computer we like to place a tray with the pizza that we are going to have dinner, we will need a large desk, right? It’s a joke, or maybe not-that of having pizza in front of the PC-but it is important that we think about what we usually do when we are in front of the PC .

The Dream Desk 3
The Dream Desk 3 ( 

That will mark the space we will need to be comfortable. Of course we will have the space limitation of the room or office but we should adjust it to the maximum so that the desk is not damaged.The width and depth of the table will mark the level of comfort when sitting in front of the computer to work or play

So, for example, if we are the only ones who are going to play with our PC, we may not need a table with a generous background. With room for the keyboard, a mouse with its mousepad and enough space to move it comfortably will suffice.

If, on the contrary, while studying or working, we need to make notes in notebooks, check books, etc. it will be highly recommended that we have a fund of 75cm or more . It will allow us to place the book or notebook in front of the keyboard or behind without bothering or overwhelming us.

In addition, the tables with a greater depth give us advantages to be able to support the arms comfortably while typing. Improving ergonomics and avoiding future discomfort due to bad postures. Either enough space to be able to stretch the legs or even put them somewhat higher.

Additionally, if we have space to spare having a table configuration in L can help us achieve an extra space in which to study, work or leave gadgets, notebooks and anything else we may need but we do not want to always be overwhelming.

Dimensions and materials of the table

There will also be situations in which we would like a larger desk but it is not possible. In those cases it would be best to optimize the space and keep it clean of cables, etc. You will work more comfortable, really.

Betting on materials such as wood, with a more organic and warm touch can break with the coldness generated by electronic equipment

What material do we choose for the table? Here I let you choose to your liking. I am in favor of wood more than glass or even metal. As a rule they are cheaper tables and you can “play” with them to adapt accessories for cable management, etc. easily. And not only that, they give an organic touch that in the meantime electronic device at least I appreciate.

By the way, I speak only of the board because the feet or base I think they deserve we see it as an independent section. So you know, if you go around a furniture store or do-it-yourself for sure you’ll find boards that you like. And eye, do not rule out any possible option because even kitchen countertops can be a good idea (the only downside is that the bottom is just 63cm) or tables designed for the kitchen as a table for the computer.

Support for the table, when stability is important

With a board and four simple legs we already assemble a valid work desk. Also with a pair of easels that can be found in a multitude of DIY stores. I use them to have a second table that I use to record many of the reviews you see on the [Xataka video channel]. But beware, sometimes we should pay a little more attention because stability is important .

Being seated at a desk and that when typing or just moving a little is wobbly is not pleasant or comfortable. That happens most of the time for opting for too weak support.A pair of drawers can be used to have a stable and firm support for our desk

If you notice how many users mount their Epic Desktop you will see that they often use some type of drawer in one of the sides or even both. On the one hand they gain stability and for another space to organize gadgets, useful material, etc. If we do not want to use this type of solutions it is important that the used legs give stability, if it is necessary to place more than four do it.

In those situations where we choose to use legs or a long board, I would only summarize two things. The first is obvious, if the measurement of the board is considerable the ideal is to place a foot or leg in the central area to gain stability and prevent it from sinking, becoming concave.

The second is an extra or variant: do not discard the height adjustable table stands or Standing Desk . There are all kinds, manuals or mechanized, with more advanced or simple functions but all share an interesting advantage, they can vary in height.

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These standing desk offer not only a mechanical system to modify your height without having to make any physical effort, also additional options that can be really attractive. Of course, the more benefits the price also increases. The IKEA model, the Bekant table is the most attractive because its cost is something that can be assumed by the majority and its quality / price ratio is very good. Then the table UpWrite, in addition to its surface that can be painted and erased in the purest style Vileda slate, has the ability to memorize different positions . So with the push of a button it automatically goes to the fixed height. The StandDesk also has that option to memorize positions.

As we have already seen and even discussed, working on the same foot is not for everyone, but changing positions is sometimes very positive . I use an Ikea Bekant table to which I changed the board for an IKEA top and I am delighted.

Finally, perhaps more for the office environment than for the domestic ones are the metal structures. Those classics that we see in furniture like the tables of a bank branch, etc. If you want a durable and stable table they are a great option.

Setups to get inspired

Now that we have seen how to choose a good work table I think I see some examples to inspire you can be a good idea. Maybe replicate computer configurations, sound equipment, screens, etc. It is not easy but buying the same table is possible.

Best Table Setups

With a good table, comfortable and adapted to your needs you will enjoy more sitting in front of the computer

Although if you have possibilities and something to do your custom desktopis not a bad idea. Because you can design exactly how you want the table, possible holes, etc.

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