According to reports from the Global Times based on sources from the Asian country, HongMeng OS could be the code name of Huawei’s mobile operating system. 

In the first reactions of the Chinese company after the blockade of Google became official, they indicated that they would continue ” building a safe and sustainable software ecosystem ” giving the understanding that if the situation is not reversed, they have something in their portfolio.

The blockade of Google and other American companies to Huawei has fallen like a bomb in the technology industry. The irony of the matter is that there are so many US companies that supply technology to Huawei, that the Trump government has delayed the ban on Huawei for three months, so as not to ruin its own companies

Events are precipitated by the open trade war between the United States and China that is affecting technology companies such as Huawei.

Google was the first to veto the arrival of its next operating systems Huawei devices, which have joined large companies of components such as Intel and Qualcomm that will stop supplying orders and deliveries to Huaweiuntil further notice.

Huawei , perhaps already guessing that sooner or later was going to receive a blockage of these characteristics, apparently for years working on an operating system itself that does not depend on Android and could launch both their devices in the Asian market as well as internationally.

HomgMeng OS new operating system

Huawei is making a lot of money selling mobile devices around the world, and they will not cringe if they have to make business decisions such as launching their own operating system. It’s been known for quite some time now, thanks to the rumor mill, that Huawei was working on an operating system, and now things would have accelerated.

It should be noted that there is nothing official, and that we must take this kind of information with caution, which appear in moments of commotion with important current issues.

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