The Xiaomi store has just received a new product, one of those eye-catching products that make their fan communities distributed throughout the globe go crazy. In this case it is not the vest with heater , or the Air Dots , but Xiaomi has incorporated a new electric bicycle of the HIMO brand , the C20 .

It is a product that evolves on the concept of electric bike , taking it to new heights with an element that stands out especially: autonomy . And although the electric bicycle has a more than decent autonomy, now the users of the HIMO C20 can enjoy 80 kilometers of autonomy .

They will achieve this thanks to the rechargeable battery of no less than 18,650 mAh , and it is a battery model for  electric bicycle that weighs 2.5 kilos and whose design you can see in the image at the top of the frame in the images. The full charge time would stay in six hours.

Regarding its measurements, we are talking about the HIMO C20 has dimensions of 1470 x 610 x 1060 millimeters. The weight reaches a little over 21 kilos, and its average speed is 25 kilometers, with a maximum height (when deployed as much as possible) of 965 millimeters.

In the handlebar we have built-in the odometer that will also indicate the battery percentage we have. Luckily, despite the screens and the engine, the bike will have IPX5 protection , which will make it completely waterproof.

Xiaomi electric bike Himo C20

Of course, we will also have front LED lighting and better distribution of the brakes to achieve more efficient braking. In addition we will have a change of marches of the Shimano brand, and a resistance that will allow the HIMO C20 to carry up to 100 kilos without disheveled.

But let’s go to the important thing: the price. The HIMO C20 is being sold in China for 336 euros (at exchange).