Google is officially no longer working with Huawei – the US company is thus withdrawing its Chinese ex-partner’s license to use important parts of the Android ecosystem . The Huawei subsidiary Honor is also affected. While these are the consequences of the trade dispute between the US and China, the effects are global. But what exactly does the Android ban against Huawei mean for you? We clarify the most important questions!

  • Google withdraws the license from Huawei
  • Huawei and Honor smartphones will no longer receive updates
  • You can still use your smartphone
  • Background is the trade dispute between the US and China

Update, May 22, 9:15 am: Does the US government backtrack after President Trump’s decree? The announcement of Google’s Android-out for the Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Huawei triggered a veritable quake. No updates or cooperation between the two tech sizes, it said initially. But now the US Department of Commerce appears to be intervening, announcing a kind of 90-day grace period for the lock , Reuters reports. This means that Huawei will be able to buy US products for exactly three months until August 19, 2019, both software for existing smartphones and other hardware.

However, the US is not necessarily a smoother transition for the Chinese company. Rather, US companies, which in turn use Huawei technologies, have the opportunity to make other arrangements.

How did the Android come out for Huawei?

First of all, how it happened: For months now, a trade dispute has been raging between the trading powers USA and China – and last Wednesday US President Donald Trump took it seriously. It was proclaimed the “national telecommunications emergency” by decree, so that Chinese companies are no longer allowed to buy any technology from US communications companies.

Why exactly did Huawei get caught? Trump raises  a very specific allegation against the Chinese company, according to Spiegel online : Allegedly, China should be able to use espionage-driven technologies from Huawei to operate espionage, which is why the company is now on a “blacklist”. The smartphone giant itself denies these allegations.

Can I continue to use my Huawei and Honor device?

Yes , that is still possible. Specifically, the Android ban means “only” that Huawei will not receive Android updates in the future and that future devices will not receive Google apps, including Gmail. However, through the official Twitter account, Android has already assured that Huawei users will continue to have access to the Google Play Store and Google Play Protect security.

Android tweet

Current Android updates, however, are a thing of the past . So far, it looks very much as if Huawei would have to wait until the Android updates are released as open source. Because everything that includes the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) should not be affected by the Android ban for the Chinese company . Nevertheless, this entails a big disadvantage to the competition for the company: The Android updates will only be made available if the first in-house devices with the corresponding software are already on the market.

Which Huawei devices are specifically affected?

Basically, the lock affects all Huawei and Honor devices . This not only applies to smartphones – whether already on the market or pending – but also for tablets that run on Android. The current flagship Huawei, the P30 Pro, is currently still delivered with the latest Android 9.1, but the pending in the fall of Android 10 should then no longer be available for the devices of the Chinese mobile phone manufacturer.

What Google and Huawei say Android ban

In an official statement, which refers to tagesschau , the Chinese company emphasized both Huawei and Honor continue to offer security updates and customer services. In addition, the tech company pointed out that they have worked very closely in recent years, the development of Android and the entire smartphone industry could benefit.

A spokesman for Google confirmed to spiegel, on the other hand, that they would abide by the “recently issued decree” and examine the “associated implications”. Thus, the US company seems only to emphasize once again that the whole thing was not their idea and they only stick to specifications.

What is Huawei planning to do?

Huawei’s smartphone boss Richard Yu recently said in an interview with welt that the company had already adjusted to the case of Microsoft or Google licenses because of the ongoing commercial dispute. In case of cases Huawei is “prepared”. According to The Verge , the mobile phone manufacturer is said to have worked on its own alternative operating system to Android. More is not yet known. In addition, the company plans , according to mirror , to challenge the decision of the US government .

So you can not do much but wait. Until the release of Android 10 you still have no serious drawback compared to other manufacturers and maybe the situation calms down so far: either the US and China contribute to the trade dispute, or Huawei actually has an operating system in store.