In October 2018, Google made some changes to the Android operating system to respond to demands from the European Commission. In the coming months, the search engine giant will take further measures in the sense of the European Commission. This involves the free choice of the Internet browser and the search engine.

Google’s senior vice president of global affairs, Kent Walker, announced the upcoming changes officially. According to this, users of Android devices will be able to select their Internet browser themselves in the future. Popular alternatives such as Firefox may indeed be considered as a substitute for some users. So far, by default, Google Chrome is used when you call the Internet on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Google Crome

Free choice for Android users

In addition, you will also be able to select the preferred search engine in the future. However, many Android users in this area are likely to favor Google. Because Google’s search engine has in terms of Web search in many areas the nose ahead. When exactly the innovations are implemented, is apparently not yet clear. Kent Walker limits the period to the next few months.

The planned changes to the operating system should affect both existing and future Android devices. Finally, the European Commission is bothered by the existing dominant position of Google and urges the Group to take appropriate action. That the EU Commission does not shy away from consequences proves the imposed in July 2018 against Google record penalty of 4.34 billion euros .

Google emulates Microsoft and will allow choosing default browser

The European Commission is clear : for them, Google has abused its dominant position with Android to benefit other of its products, such as Google Search or Chrome, damaging the competition on the road.

In a move that is anticipated as an attempt by Google to adapt to European regulation , Kent Walker, SVP of global affairs, explained that ” during the next few months ” will begin ” allowing you to install any browser or browser you want, regardless of which come installed at the time of purchase “.

This change will apply to both new devices, but also to existing Android phones. It has not been specified how it will be performed, but users will be asked about the default browser they wish to use. A warning that could be similar to Microsoft’s “Browser Ballot Screen” .