Award for the Huawei P30 and the P30 Pro: Smartphones, which are particularly well suited for the playback of YouTube videos, Google is one of the so-called YouTube Signature Devices . This includes the recently released Huawei flagship phones.

According to Google’s list of the top ten YouTube specialists, there are six devices from Huawei. Together with the P30 Pro, the P30 also the Honor View 20 has been awarded. In addition, the models Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro and Huawei Mate 20 X, released in October 2018, also belong to the ranks of the YouTube Signature Devices. The latter, with a screen diagonal of 7.2 inches even with the largest display in the league.

Still no iPhone awarded

Although now 32 devices have the award for a special YouTube suitability, it has not yet made an iPhone in the list. Whether this will ever change is also questionable. For this Apple would have to support on the hardware side the Google developed VP9 codec for the transmission of videos.

More likely, however, is that Apple is still waiting for the VP9 successor codec. This is called AV1 and could be used from 2020. YouTube wants to use it as soon as it’s available. Incidentally, Apple’s lack of VP9 support is also responsible for its failure to see real 4K videos from YouTube on Apple TV .

Huawei’s P30, P30 Pro and Co. support VP9 anyway. In addition, they also meet the five remaining requirements that Google places on YouTube Signature Devices. So they can play 360-degree, 4K and HDR content and also master high refresh rates and YouTubes DRM copy protection for premium content.