Google Play gives official support to which games offer rewards in exchange for viewing ads

For years it is very common to see how games allow us to get a reward in exchange for seeing an ad , such as an extra life or more coins, and that practice is what Google Play has just given official support in their tools for developers.

Google Play launches “Rewarded Products,” its new monetization method that is now available in open beta in the Play Console.

Rewards in exchange for advertising

This new Google Play tool makes it easier for Google Play developers to increase their revenue by encouraging players to voluntarily view advertising in exchange for a prize.

Google Play now allows games to be rewarded by a player in exchange for viewing a video ad . After watching the ‘video you will be rewarded with virtual goods or money in the game . For example, after watching a video the player receives 100 coins or an extra life to continue the game from the last point.

Google play rewards

Developers will not have to add any extra SDK integration, through the Google Play Billing Library or the AIDL interface they can add their award-winning products in exchange for advertising in their games.

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