Thanks to a Google patent on a control command , we could have given a clue about the rumored video game streaming service of the technological giant.

A few weeks ago it was rumored that Google was working on a video game streaming service powered by Chromecast , and this patent could have shown us the control that would depend on this service.

During the next Game Developers conference later this month, Google will organize a conference in which you could talk about this video game streaming service, which has already been dubbed “the Netflix of the games”. This service, supposedly, would be based on the technology that Google developed for Proyect Stream last year.

google game stream

If we stick only to the patent, we talk about a kind of notification system for the control that warns the player when the game is available, when he has received an invitation, or when he runs the possibility of chatting with another user.

But in what we have to fix in particular is in the design of this command , which includes two sticks on the front, a directional crosshead in the left area and the four relevant buttons on the right. It also has several triggers on top of the remote. The control also seems to include some type of button for the microphone, which could also indicate compatibility with the voice assistant.

However, this illustration does not seem to have much to do with this possible command, since it would have been used by default to illustrate the notification system in the controller, a function that could include this command if it ends up being finally released to the market.