Although it was expected for sooner or later, the Google ban to Huawei has sat as a jug of cold water. The new Huawei mobiles will not be able to use Android or its services, and this has caused users to wonder … what about my current Huawei mobile and Google?

Google has announced that it will stop working with Huawei in all tasks that require sharing with the Asian company any hardware, software or technical assistance information for its services, except for those that are open source.

Last night the bomb went off : Google broke with Huawei in a step to comply with the sanctions that the government of Donald Trump are imposing on China and its companies. This means that Huawei can not use Android or Google apps, as well as the Play Store (from where all applications are downloaded).

After a period of bewilderment, it has been confirmed that the measure will only affect the models that come out from now , and Huawei itself has issued a statement reassuring users, but it is a complicated situation, and we will try to respond to the ask what happens with Huawei after the Google block . And, above all, the most important, if we will be able to continue using our Huawei with Android .

Google ban to Huawei

Why Google has banned Huawei ?

We have already explained in great detail why this break between Google and Huawei has arrived. This is another step in the commercial war that the United States and China are experiencing, a situation in which Donald Trump, with a protectionist spirit, wants to shield American companies and stop a China that, increasingly, is becoming The country is a technological reference worldwide.

There have been rumors of espionage by both sides, the use of Huawei smartphopnes has been banned , there have been “kidnappings” and sanctions against Chinese companies, such as ZTE (along with Huawei, one of the top driving forces of 5G networks in the United States). ), and now Google’s veto has come to Huawei.

With this, Google wants to fulfill the ” order ” of Trump, and then we tell you what the Android ban if you have a Huawei .

What’s wrong with Android on Huawei phones?

Let us begin. The situation of Android in the current Huawei seems that it will not change. Both Google and Huawei have confirmed that all Google applications, as well as Play Store, can continue to be used and updated in a current Huawei or stock in stores.

That is, you can continue using YouTube, Drive, Chrome, Gmail, the assistant or Maps on a Huawei without any problem. Now, no current Huawei can be upgraded to Android 10 Q. That is, although a few weeks ago confirmed the list of Huawei phones that would have update to Android Q , it is time to turn back.

You have to make a point, although they can not be updated to Android 10 , the current Huawei will continue to receive support in the form of security updates, so users should be calm about this part although, of course, the new features of Android 10 are out of the equation .

Can we continue using Twitter, Instagram or WhatsApp in Huawei?

Yes. The current applications of the Play Store can continue to be used normally in the current Huawei and Honor . That is, you can use WhatsApp if you have a Huawei, as well as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the current games and everything you want to download in the Play Store. 

The ” punishment ” is for Huawei phones that are released from now on. That is, what remains to be seen is whether these applications can be used in the new Huawei that are launched after this ban of Google , but if you buy a Huawei P30 now, yes you will have access to Android 9 and everything that entails.

What operating system will the Huawei have without Android?

Huawei saw the situation coming, and although, as we say, it was a hard blow that was not expected, it was likely that something like that would end up happening. Therefore, during recent times have been preparing a new operating system , which would be an EMUI without Android running in the background.

This would allow users to have a new Huawei with an operating system identical in the visual , and practically in functions, but the applications would be, as we told you in the previous point, those that were in discord.

At this point, Huawei would have to start negotiating with Facebook, Twitter and other large companies to launch their respective applications in their new operating system. And what would happen to YouTube or Gmail, if they had their own application or would have to ” pull ” the browser and the Huawei email app to implement Gmail mail.

Will the situation change?

Yes, it could always change the situation, but it is not something that anyone can guarantee . Tump has been ironclad to his protectionist ideas in recent years, and Huawei is the company with which he wants to set an example. 

Therefore, yes, the situation could change if the government of the United States got something in return from China, and not for possible reprisals from that government (which will arrive).

However, right now, the situation is what we tell you: Huawei has been banned by Google and will not be able to use Android in the phones that it launches from now on .

It only remains to know how to cushion the blow from the Chinese company.