The wait is finally over. Finally the final 8th season of “Game of Thrones” starts. If you do not want to miss a second, you should also know unusual possibilities to watch “Game of Thrones”. If necessary, even on the phone with the right app.

  • Series start at Sky Atlantic HD on April 14th
  • Sky new customers can use the live stream with Sky Ticket
  • Purchase of single episodes or entire seasons possible

The “Game of Thrones” -Staffel 8 will complete the fantasy epic. The rumor mill has been seething for months, who will climb the Iron Throne in the end. On the 14th of April we finally start: From then on there will be a new episode every week, after five weeks it will be over. The last episode will be shown on May 19th, then it’s clear who will ultimately rule Westeros. Fans, and there are many of them, of course do not want to miss a second.

If you also belong to it, we recommend to a huge Smart TV or cozy Beamer evenings, because undoubtedly impressive pictures of the big finale of the series are to be expected. However, your life may not always be in line with every “Game of Thrones” episode, so you should be ready for anything. For example, if you’re on the go, you can use the smartphone for the “Game of Thrones” show.

“Game of Thrones” look legally online

An urgent warning in advance: Stay away from illegal streams or downloads. Only a few days ago, security experts from  Kaspersky have shown that no other series is so often misused as a decoy for the distribution of viruses, such as “Game of Thrones”. It is especially dangerous to look for a free episode of “Game of Thrones”. The good news: Shady offers you can easily avoid. There are enough legal ways to watch the series on pay-TV without having to dig too deep into your pocket.

Stream Game of Thrones on Sky

Connoisseurs know that behind the series “Game of Thrones” the US broadcaster HBO stands. The rights in Germany lie with the pay TV channel Sky Atlantic HD . Sky customers can also see the 8th season of “Game of Thrones” parallel to the US broadcast, it will not work sooner. You can choose between the original English soundtrack and the German version, between which you can also switch

But to be there from the first minute, you have to stay up late because the broadcast always starts at 3 o’clock in the night from Sunday to Monday. If you have a Sky subscription, you can use the Sky Go “Game of Thrones” app to watch the series live on the smartphone or tablet on Android and iOS.

If you only want to join Sky for “Game of Thrones”, then you should get the monthly Sky Ticket . Currently, 4.99 euros are due in the first month, from the second the entertainment ticket costs 9.99 euros. To watch all six episodes of Season 8 “Game of Thrones,” you’ll have to spend two months with them. So it will be below the line 14,98 Euro due – cancel on time do not forget.

Buy Game of Thrones Season 8

If you use Sky Ticket, you can stream “Game of Thrones” to smartphones running Android and iOS during the time you have a valid ticket. An alternative is the purchase, especially if you are sure that you want to watch the eighth season of “Game of Thrones” even more often.

But there is a small catch: The providers beyond Sky provide the new consequences only in the course of Monday. Apple users can buy the Season 8 on iTunes and look at iPhone, iPad or Apple TV, among others. The prices are not fixed yet; in Season 7, however, it was 2.99 euros per episode in HD quality or 19.99 euros for the entire season. Since the 8th season only six episodes covers, it will probably act more at 15 to 17 euros for the entire season.

Android users will be served at similar prices through the Google Play Store . Also on Amazon Video you can watch “Game of Thrones” on the phone. But so that no misunderstandings arise: in the free Prime subscription the “Game of Thrones” episodes are not included. Again, you can buy individual episodes of “Game of Thrones” (each 2.99 euros) or the entire season 8 (about 15 to 17 euros). Currently you can buy season 1-7 for about 3 euros per episode or 15 to 17 euros per season.

Those who had hoped that “Game of Thrones” will join Netflix early will unfortunately be disappointed. Currently, not a single season is available on the popular streaming service. Also in the normal TV, the final season will probably not be seen so fast.

“Game of Thrones” on big screen smartphones

What are the best smartphones for watching Game of Thrones? Basically, streams and downloads work on all devices with reasonably current versions of Android and iOS. However, the models with the big screens are definitely ahead, for example the  iPhone XS Max , the  Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus  or the  Huawei P30 Pro . In order to immerse yourself completely in the “Game of Thrones” world, headphones are also recommended. With the standard  headphones , it is often not far, better sound bring, for example, the  Apple AirPods  or the  Beats Solo3 wireless headphones on the ears.