With the camera setting “Super Slow-Motion” of your Samsung Galaxy S10 (Plus), you can capture exciting action scenes and play in a slower slow motion. The smartphone stretches a sequence that takes only fractions of a second to several seconds. How to use this feature is explained in this guide.

Optimal conditions for the super slow motion

The best shots in Super Slow-Mo succeed you, if the moving object is sufficiently lit; the best is natural light. In dark surroundings with artificial light (such as fluorescent lamps), an ugly flickering effect may occur.

If you want to start recording and use the automatic, you should also keep your Samsung Galaxy S10 (Plus) as quiet as possible. Also make sure that other movements do not trigger the effect inadvertently because, for example, they suddenly move in front of your object. Attention: If the latter moves only slightly or too slowly, it may not trigger a recording.

Select Super Slow-Mo automatically or manually

To activate super slow motion: Open the camera app and swipe down the selection to “Super Slow-Mo.” At the top of the bar, you’ll find the general camera settings, here you can turn on the flash, and the third icon changes you between manual or automatic slow motion.

With the automatic option, you start the video, keep your smartphone quiet and wait for the phone to register a movement within the displayed square. Only then does the actual slow motion recording start automatically. You can move the square anywhere on your screen. If you select the manual mode, the effect starts immediately.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus has the same slow-mo feature

Set recording time

You can choose between two recording times in the camera menu – depending on how long the slow Mo effect should take. If you take 0.4 seconds, you make a video with 960 frames per second. The longer option is 480 frames per second. Please note: Recording a video in Super Slow-Mo is only possible in HD resolution (720p).

A recording ends automatically, regardless of the selected setting. That means unfortunately: you are currently (as of March 2019) no other recording modes available. With the Galaxy S9 (Plus), you can also select the “Multiple recording” in the settings and select one video in succession up to 20 sequences in super-slow motion. Whether Samsung brings the feature with an S10 update on previous year level, is not known.

Move slow motion effect and select music

After you have recorded a video, your Samsung Galaxy S10 stores this in the gallery. If you open the file and tap the “Play Super Slow-Mo-Video” button below, the clip starts with a randomly selected background music. You can adjust these by tapping the button with the note above the timeline.

You will choose either a song from your own library or music from Samsung. From the latter section, there are numerous options from different categories such as “Cheerful”, “Lounge” and Optimistic “- depending on which style suits best to your recording.


At the bottom of the bar, you can also use the outer two bars to move the beginning and end of the short clip. Within the bar, you can also adjust the recorded slow motion effect. This may be useful, for example, if the effect starts too soon, in your opinion. Just adjust this and the Slow-Mo starts at the right moment.


  • With the super slow motion of the Galaxy S10 you stretch short sequences to several seconds
  • The best shots are possible if you keep your smartphone steady and use natural light as a source
  • Depending on the setting, the effect will start automatically when the camera detects a movement or directly when you press the record button
  • You can change the recording time between 0.4 and 0.8 seconds
  • Videos are only possible in HD resolution
  • Later you can select background music and move the effect in the timeline