With a price of around 2000 euros , the Samsung Galaxy Fold is an investment that needs to be protected. This is possible, for example, with the official leather case of the manufacturer, which is already listed in the German online shop.

The tweet at the end of the article shows how the official case for the Samsung Galaxy Fold looks like. The manufacturer offers the leather case in two colors. In addition to a white, there is also a black version. According to the pictures, the case encloses both halves of the back. They leave room for the outer display and the camera lenses on the back.

Galaxy Fold: A Case is already included

If the Samsung Galaxy Fold is partially folded, also shows the hinge that holds both halves of the device together. If you fold the smartphone completely apart, the hinge disappears against the cover. What this will cost, is not apparent from the online shop.

However, leak expert Roland Quandt already knows more: According to him, the leather case for the Samsung Galaxy Fold will cost around 100 euros. The accessories should therefore be like the foldable smartphone itself an expensive fun. To be fair, however, we would like to point out that buying a case is not necessarily required to protect the device.

Because the foldable smartphone is already a two-piece case made of Kevlar or aramid. The second tweet at the end of this news shows how this included sleeve looks attached to the device.

Galaxy Fold leather case by samsung
Samsung Galaxy Fold Cover