Every year in mobile telephony certain features and trends become fashionable. Sometimes they stay and sometimes they are transient. In 2019 it is the turn of the mobiles with folding screen , a technology that does seem to have come to stay for a long time, in line with the commitment in development that are making the main brands in the world.

There are already several mobile folding that we have seen in 2019 , better or worse, with larger or smaller screen. The year has started strong in this sense, and it does not seem that it is going to stop. In fact, there are still several flexible mobiles to present from December to December, some of them highly anticipated.

Which are? What price and features do they have? There are two brands that stand out above the rest so far: Samsung and Huawei, the only two that have dared to really present their two phones of this type. There are others who are working on it, although for now they have only seen concepts, leaks and some prototype of doubtful viability.

Whatever happens in the coming months, it is clear that folding mobile phones will mark the development of the year in mobile telephony, especially among those brands that can not afford to be in the caboose.

Here is a review of all we have seen and are about to come.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung galaxy Fold

It was not the first brand to present a mobile phone with these characteristics, but it was the first giant to do so. It was on February 20 in the event that we also saw the new Galaxy S10 for the first time.

The first folding Samsung mobile is priced at 1,980 US dollars (
1,41,144.30 Indian Rupee ), very high but reasonable when you consider its performance.

It is a high range with all of the law, and also with double screen Super AMOLED. That has to be paid and it has an obvious cost that is transferred to the user, although if you want to have the latest of the latest, you will not mind.

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Fold has no less than six cameras: three rear, two front and one on the cover. Without a doubt it is an innovative mobile that opens the way to others that will come.

featuresSamsung Galaxy Fold
Main screen7.3 “QXGA + Dynamic AMOLED, 4.2: 3
Cover screen4.6 “HD + Super AMOLED, 21: 9
Processor7 nm 64 bit Octa-Core
Storage512 GB
Rear camera16 Mpx Ultra Wide Angle f / 2.2 + 12 Mpx Wide Angle Dual Pixel AF f / 1.5 f / 2.4 + 12 Mpx Telephoto Lens f / 2.4 OIS 2x Optical Zoom
Interior camera10 Mpx f / 2.2 + 8 Mpx depth camera RGB f / 1.9
Covered camera10 Mpx, f / 2.2
Drums4,380 mAh with fast charging, wireless charging and reverse charging.
OSAndroid 9.0 Pie

Huawei Mate X

Huawei Mate X

Presented to hype and saucer at the Mobile World Congress 2019, this Huawei Mate X is an important leap not only with respect to the previous phones of the brand, but also with respect to the Galaxy Fold.

Unlike Samsung’s mobile, it also includes 5G connectivity, a detail that evidently increases its price. The cost will be 2,299 euros (
1,86,593.75 Indian Rupee ) in Europe , as confirmed during the presentation keynote.

They are two screens that, together, reach up to 8 inches in size. In addition this Huawei Mate X includes Kirin 980 as a processor, so far the best Huawei chip.

Today is the best mobile brand, or will be when it reaches the market. The official release date is not fully confirmed, and that is still being tested with the 5G. It is estimated that the final launch will take place in the month of June.

Nubia Alpha


In particular, this device we know. We have seen and played at the Mobile World Congress 2019. It is a mobile phone, but in a bracelet or bracelet format. Its screen is able to bend in 360º to adapt completely to the wrist, something totally new.

Of course, the hardware is not impressive because it responds more to the needs of a smartwatch than a mobile phone, although it has an Internet connection via mobile data. Its screen is OLED with resolution 960×192 pixels , but the processor is a Snapdragon Wear 2100.

In addition, it has only 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage , data that reminds of past times more than other high-end folding phones that have also been presented already.

Clearly, the Nubia Alpha is intended for people who will not use it as a main device, but in the same way they would use any smart watch.

Of course, it is not exactly cheap, since it costs 449 euros ( 36442.19 ) . It is only if we compare it with the price of the other folding screen mobiles that have been revealed.

Royole Flexpai

Royole FlexPai

Totally unknown, the Royole Flexpai was the first flexible screen phone in the world. Developed and sold in China , it was ahead of other devices of leading brands at the end of 2018.

Obviously their benefits in terms of power are much more limited than those of the phones presented later, but that does not detract from their merit. It was the first and as such deserves a special mention with all the foldable phones of 2019.

Its main problem is that the Android version is not completely adapted to the flexible screen. In addition, the thickness is absolutely unaffordable, giving it more of a prototype appearance than of the mobile finish as such.

Xiaomi Mi Flex

Xiaomi Mi Flex

Without anyone expecting it, a video of a supposed mobile phone from Xiaomi was leaked in early 2019. The brand neither confirmed it nor denied it, leaving all its fans in the dark for several weeks.

Finally, one of the managers stepped in and showed what will be the flexible mobile of the brand, although as a prototype. It is not yet ready and has no release date, not even presentation.

In the video posted you can see that MIUI equips Android as a customization layer and little else, so there is no choice but to wait to see all the details of this mobile.

Motorola RAZR 2019

Motorola Razr 2019

Of all the folding mobile phones that we hope to see in 2019 , the Motorola RAZR is a whole resurrection, a smartphone that evokes time passes. Right now it seems confirmed that the brand works on a version of this classic mobile phone, but flexible instead of with a shell-type cover.

To arrive at the market throughout this year, it would be an important news for Motorola, that now under the baton of Lenovo does not go through its best moment.

The RAZR of 2019 has been filtered in concepts and images, although the truth is that not too much confidence. It must be at a fairly early stage of its development.

If finally confirmed, Motorola would enter fully among the most innovative brands of 2019.