The Fitbit Inspire HR could go through as a smart and at the same time inconspicuous bracelet. In the fitness tracker but there is a lot of technology that will motivate you to exercise more and provides you with much insight into your movement and your sleep. The Fitbit Inspire with pulse sensor in the review.

The Fitbit Inspire HR is easy to put on and adapts well to the wrist. It does not disturb – neither in everyday life, nor during sports or when sleeping, but is even quite comfortable. Since the battery actually lives up to the promised five days, Fitbit’s Fitness Tracker rarely needs to be removed and charged. If you do not agree with the supplied Fitbit Inspire HR plastic wristband, you can replace it without tools and replace it with another from the Fitbit range. There are not only many colors, but also different materials to choose from.

The Fitbit Inspire HR counts your steps, logs active minutes and calculates calories burned. He is helped by the heart rate monitor, which is located on the back. This also ensures more reliable logging of sleep and exercise activities that you can manually track over the fitness bracelet. You can choose from running, cycling, swimming, weightlifting, treadmill and interval training. Similarly extensive training functions offer otherwise only much more expensive trackers such as the Fitbit Charge 3.

Fit Fitbit Inspire HR with Smartphone

Beyond that, the Fitness Tracker features automatic activity and exercise detection that works well and reliably. If in doubt there is only “sport”, but you can change the description later in the app and ideally the algorithm recognizes your dance lessons by itself.

If the Inspire HR connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, you will receive notifications from it on your wrist. However, they are limited to social media app notifications as well as call, calendar, SMS notifications, and email notifications. But you can usually read the entire content – but you can not answer. It is also not very pleasant to read longer texts on the small screen. If you want to reply directly to messages with Quick Replies, you will need to use the larger Fitbit Charge 3.

Fitness tracker with focus

The screen of the Inspire HR is not very big and has very wide edges. But it is bright enough to be clearly visible even in the sunshine. Still, it’s much smaller than expected with the dark front of the Fitness Tracker, as the edges swallow up much of the expected display. To read the time and to operate the Inspire HR with swipe gestures up and down and tap to select a menu items, the display size is not sufficient. At the time of reading this is enough, for the second info on the “home page” then you have to look more closely. The start page can be changed by tapping, which happens occasionally unintentionally. So sometimes it can happen

Especially during the sport, the small display on the fitness bracelet is more of a hindrance. Are you running around the lake or are you otherwise active and just want to check your intermediate status, this works for the Fitbit Inspire HR but only at the main value you selected. For the second and much smaller value below, you should take a short break and change the display.

Fitbit Inspire HR
Fitbit Inspire HR fitness tracker

Although the Inspire HR can not determine GPS data alone, if you carry your smartphone while training, the wearable can take over its location data and use it for tracking purposes. Depending on your training schedule, Inspire HR’s goal-based activity modes may prove helpful. In this case, the Fitness Tracker will respond when you have reached your self-selected destination – and in addition to the time, the distance covered and the calories burned are available.

For this, Fitbit provides the Fitbit app for a deeper evaluation of your data. It not only looks smart, but also prepares the measurement data clearly. In the app you can edit or add activities, log your weight and record your calorie intake. With the consumption values ​​of the Inspire HR you will learn directly in the app whether you have a calorie deficit or a surplus.

Conclusion: Cheap fitness tracker with a view of the essentials

With a recommended retail price of 100 euros, the Fitbit Inspire HR is Fitbit’s most affordable fitness tracker to date. It was previously only in the larger Fitbit Charge 3. Cheaper it is only if you to models of Chinese manufacturers, such as the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 attacks. His main task, monitoring your activity, is done well by the Inspire HR and does not bother. Optically, you can spice it up by making it more eye-catching with another bracelet.

Compared to more expensive models such as the Fitbit Versa, the Fitbit Versa Lite, the Fitbit Ionic or the Fitbit Charge 3, the range of functions is limited, but can be quite sufficient as needed. The biggest disadvantage is the small display hanging. If you want a bigger one, you should start with the much larger, but also more expensive Fitbit Versa, which is almost a smartwatch. For beginners who want to capture their sports activities in real time, Fitbits new fitness tracker is a real recommendation.

In addition to the Inspire HR, there is also the Fitbit Inspire without pulse measurement. This simple Inspire is 20 euros cheaper – it costs 80 euros. For this purpose, you do not use functions such as sleep phase detection, guided breathing exercises or the goal-based activity modes with the Fitbit Inspire without HR. The simple Inspire also does not provide the ability to take GPS information while training from the connected smartphone. Also the training functions are clearly reduced with the Fitbit Inspire. For this you can wear the Inspire without HR not only on the wrist, but also in a clip for belt or trouser pocket. Both versions of the Inspire are water repellent up to a depth of 50 meters.