Here is the first image of the Huawei Mate X, which will be the first folding smartphone and with 5G of the company

We are already preparing for the conference that Huawei will have next Sunday at the start of MWC 2019, where we already know that they will present their first folding smartphone as the invitation to the event showed .

Well, it seems that we will not have to wait until Sunday, since a photograph has just appeared that confirms that this smartphone will be known as Huawei Mate X and will not only be foldable, but will also support 5G networks.

We will know all the details on Sunday

Having known the first bet of this new type of folding design with the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold , it seems that the next on the list is Huawei, who has quoted us on February 24 at 2:00 pm to know the that will be your first device with a screen that can be doubled.

The photograph belongs to a Twitter user known as @ gimme2pm, of what appears to be the assembly of either the conference or the stand that Huawei will have at MWC 2019, and where a large poster confirms the launch of this Huawei Mate X .

So far we have no specifications or technical details of this Huawei Mate X, but if we rely on photography we can see that it is a different design with respect to the Galaxy Fold. Apparently this Mate X has no external screen because the folding screen would fold out , leaving both sides exposed while we have it in that format.

Also, here we do not have that kind of ‘notch’ side of the Galaxy Fold and the frames are perceived more reduced. It is possible to see a sensor of lateral print and triple camera, all this contained in a kind of module of greater thickness with respect to the screen. On the other hand, the image also confirms that it will be compatible with 5G networks .

Fortunately we will not have to wait long, since this Sunday, February 24, we will leave doubts and we will know all the details of this interesting Huawei Mate X.