The product key in Windows 10 is the Key CD that is used to activate the operating system . Normally it appears in the envelope in which the one that came from the installation disk of the system, or in the message if you downloaded some type of legal digital copy. You may have lost it and that is why you are looking for where you can recover it.

We will explain where it is and how you can find the product key in Windows 10 , necessary to format Windows and activate the product in a completely legal way. Otherwise, even if you have the system properly installed, Microsoft will detect it as a pirated copy of your flagship product.

  1. Open the start menu and type Regedit
  2. In this program, locate the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SOFTWARE / Microsoft / Windows NT / CurrentVersion / SoftwareProtectionPl
  3. Click on SoftwareProtectionPlatform and enter the BackupProductKeyDefault section
  4. In this sector you can read your product key