No, it’s not you or your connection. We are close to completing three hours since the first reports that Facebook was presenting problems for some users in various regions of the world. An hour later, the reportswere expanded and came to Instagram and Messenger. But it seems that this is not a simple fall, and now there are reports of failures in WhatsApp, which means that there are affectations in all the products of the Mark Zuckerberg company .

The same Facebook reported an hour ago through Twitter that their family of applications (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger) was presenting problems and that they were already working on solving it.


Until now, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger are down in much of the world, so it was thought that it would be a DDoS attack, but Facebook has already confirmed that they are not under any kind of attack , although they do not confirm what It is what is happening.

Facebook down

In some regions, applications are completely down and it is not possible to access them in any way, while other users report that they can enter but can not publish anything.

WhatsApp was the last to join this affectation , since in the last minutes reportsof users who can not send voice messages or multimedia files began to appear , as well as some that assure that the text messages are taking time to send and the sender he does not receive them.

According to DownDetector , Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger are without service in much of the world and minute by minute new regions are added to this fall that is about to meet three hours.

We will be attentive to any news to update this entry.

Update: (01:00) Facebook little by little begins to give signs of life like WhatsApp, but in both services it is not possible to publish content with images, videos or audios. For its part, Instagram is still down and Oculus, which also belongs to Facebook, reported that it also has problems in its service.

Update (04:00): apparently the services of Facebook and its sister platforms are slowly starting to be restored. Until now, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp and Facebook itself allow you to browse and publish with some bugs and occasional errors, although we still do not have official information from the company.