That’s how easy the face unlock with the iPhone Xs . Apple regularly releases new videos in which the manufacturer explains certain features of his devices. Now, the company has made available five short clips about Face ID, for example.

All videos are just under 15 seconds long and each explain a specific function. The Face ID clip you’ll find above this article shows you how to use “your face as password” in an app. Simply swipe on the locked iPhone at the bottom and then open the desired app, for example, a payment application. If you have set Face ID as verification, the feature will automatically be activated and you will be able to complete the payment shortly thereafter.

Save “Key Photo” and expert chat

Another Apple video is about the ability to save a particular shot as a photo in an iPhone video. To do this, in the preview of the video, tap “Edit” in the top right corner and move the focus point on the bar below the video. Once you have found the desired location, you select the image and tap directly on “Save as a photo”. You can find the sample video at the bottom of this article.

In another video, Apple shows why you do not have to worry about splashing water on your iPhone Xs at the operation. A video explains how to get access to a boarding pass; another shows you how to easily get into a chat with experts in case of problems. Just recently, Apple has released similar clips to the iPad Pro . Already since October 2018, there are such guide videos to the Apple Watch .