You want a new Watchface for your Smartwatch and you think “just install on the DZ09 Smartwatch app and go”? It’s not that easy. Applications can only be installed with a trick. Fortunately hobbyists have looked at the gadget with SIM tray to get even more out of the hardware. And so it is clear: You can really install on the DZ09 Apps. It does not matter if you use it with an older iPhone or Android.

Is your watch an original?

Over the past few years, the DZ09 has apparently been reissued by various manufacturers over and over again. Whether your smartwatch is an original, is at the latest when you try to install more apps on it. If you have a copy, the process will most likely  not work .

Fortunately, the original and replica are comparatively easy to distinguish. However, the DZ09 must be started for it, because the decisive hint is the start screen. If you can read “Tools” below the clock and the “Contacts” icon at the bottom right, you have a real DZ09 of the first generation in your hands. If “names” or “settings”  are here, this is a copy .

Install more apps for the DZ09

First, here is a word of  warning  attached: The SmartWatch DZ09 is not running, such as the  fossil-Q models with Wear OS or its predecessor, Android Wear and also forbids Play Store. The installation of programs is not provided accordingly, but still possible. The most important ingredient is an  app in the file format “.vxp” . If a developer also makes his application available in this format, you can theoretically install the program on the DZ09.

First you have to get the VXP file on the gadget. For that, it’s best to take advantage of a weakness of the smart watch. The wearable has virtually no memory at the factory. So you have to put a microSD card  in it anyway  to install programs. Simply copy your applications to the memory card. Once in the gadget, all you have to do is start the File Manager and tap the program you want to start the installation. So you do not need your iOS or Android smartphone. Also you save yourself slow copying via Bluetooth.

Is the effort worth it?

For technology enthusiasts and software developers, the ability to install smartwatch apps on the DZ09 could be an interesting experiment. But whether users will be enthusiastic, who are actually looking for a reliable software solution for everyday use, is at least questionable.

The watch’s screen only resolves at 240×240 pixels and applications are most likely  not optimized for the budget smartwatch . It is therefore completely unclear how a subsequently installed application is displayed on the wearable – and whether it can be operated reasonably at all.


  • Not all copies of the Smartwatch DZ09 on the market are originals
  • Only on originals should later be able to install software, even if this is not officially supported
  • A real DZ09 shows “Tools” on the start screen at the bottom right
  • Apps must be in VXP file format and stored on a microSD card
  • If the card is in the clock, you can call up and install the applications in File Manager
  • The results can be very different, since hardly a program for the DZ09 should be optimized