If you’re curious, you can now download the new Microsoft Edge Chromium browser , which uses the same engine as Chrome. The company of Satya Nadella has launched today the version of developers, available in open for everyone.

A few months ago, faced with its limited success, Microsoft decided to redesign its Windows 10 browser, Microsoft Edge, from scratch. In an announcement that surprised everyone, he revealed that the new version would use the Chromium engine , the same as Chrome uses. This caused great discomfort in Mozilla, the creators of Firebox. Its CEO even claimed that Microsoft had surrendered to Google .

The first public version of Microsoft Edge Chromium is here … and we have to admit that it looks a lot like Chrome . We have already installed it and we have made some captures, which adorn this news:

Microsoft edge chromium

As you can see, the interface of  Microsoft Edge Chromium is very similar to that of Google Chrome. In the upper bar, to the left, are the arrows to go back and forth, and reload the page. Then there is the field with the URL, and on your right, the Favorites button, the login and the plugins. Finally, the menu. As in Chrome.

The main difference is that on the cover, in addition to the last pages visited, the news from Microsoft News appears. The background can be alternated between one inspiring, another functional, and another informative. Logically, searches in the URL address field or in the default search engine use Bing, instead of the Google search engine.

There is an explanation for this similarity, and is that being a developer version have not yet implemented the custom interface, language, or other tools of Microsoft. You can not even read PDFs.

It is a basic version for developers to see the changes and adapt their websites. In our tests we have noticed, since the loads of the webs are still a bit slow, and some are not displayed correctly.

Microsoft plans to launch a classic beta of Microsoft Edge Chromium within a week, before the final version for users.

Download Microsoft Edge Chromium browser

If you want to download free Microsoft Edge Chromium , simply access the Microsoft Edge website . You have at your disposal the Dev version , more stable, which is updated once a week, and the Canary, which is updated every day. It has all the news, but also more bugs. At the moment it is only available for Windows 10, although there will be a version for Windows 7, 8 and Mac later.

We will see if, with this new strategy of creating a browser based on Chromium , Microsoft manages to attract Chrome and Firefox users.