Big innovation for Android users: Soon you can choose which search engine you want to use on your smartphone. Also for a browser you can decide freely. In doing so, Google is bowing to the verdict of the European Commission.

On Android smartphones will appear two screens in the future, through which you can set a search engine and a browser for your system, Google said in a blog post. Each of the two screens displays five (popular) apps. But there are also some that you have already installed. What that looks like you can see in the tweet at the bottom of this article.

Android update in spring 2019

From the suggestions you can install as many browsers and search engines as you want. You can also choose which search engine to use as the default in Google Chrome. Google wants to roll out the Android update with the described changes within the “next weeks”. It appears for both existing and new smartphones in Europe.

The European Commission imposed a record fine on Google in the summer of 2018 . Proud € 4.34 billion had to transfer the search engine giant to the EU accordingly. The company argues that the company is exploiting its “dominant position” to further promote its search engine – to the detriment of competitors. Even the Google Play Store is in the criticism, so Google could in future require a fee from smartphone manufacturers, if they want to use Android.