Disney is preparing the launch of its streaming video platform, such as Disney plus (+). It is a year 2019 exciting for the new competitors that will reach the market of video on demand to stand up to existing platforms such as Netflix , HBO or Amazon Prime. to cite only three examples.

But to be interesting, you must have a good price with a good catalog of productions. In the case of Disney we know that they will include labels as powerful as Marvel, National Geographic, Lucasfilm or Pixar . And now we know that the options will increase significantly.

And it was the CEO of Disney, Bob Iger, who was in charge of informing that Disney plus (+) will offer access to the entire brand’s cinematographic library . According to Polygon , the arrival of films with a Disney label will arrive after the debut of the platform, so the initial subscribers will not have access to them. In the words of Bob Iger:

“The service will be launched later in the year and will combine what we call library, film and television products, with many original products, movies and television, and at some point, shortly after the launch, the entire library of films will arrive. Disney. “

This is an important contribution , especially if we take into account that among the films there are recent hits like Mohana or Frozen, modern classics such as The Little Mermaid, The Lion King or Aladdin or lifelong classics such as The Jungle Book, Dumbo or Snow White.

In addition, the catalog of available films will grow with the new works that are coming to the cinemas . Once the projection period has passed, titles such as Capitana Marvel or the new installment of Star Wars can reach Disney plus within a year of the release in cinemas.

For now we have to keep waiting to know more details about Disney + . The markets in which it will initially be available as well as the price of the monthly subscription, a factor that can be decisive in a market where competition is tightening more than ever and where telephony operators are increasingly stronger.