In addition to millions of users, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and Co. are eagerly awaiting the launch of the new streaming service Disney Plus. With which films and series the service will go to the start, is already known. However, analysts have now looked in detail at how Disney’s chances of achieving great success.

Alone Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar already provide plenty of food to attract viewers and inspire for many hours. The experts at LoupVentures see far more potential apart from the successful films of these studios. Disney has the means to become successful formats like “Monsters Inc.” also to deliver content in episodes format. As an example, the analysts call the planned series “Monsters At Work”, which is supposed to be workplace comedy in the style of “The Office”.

“Fans would die for these shows”

According to LoupVentures’ Gene Munster and Pat Bocchicchio, Disney Plus is the perfect platform for expanding popular entertainment brands. The series could bridge the periods between releases of new films. Fans would have little choice but to watch the shows and stay up to date.

It’s undeniable that brands like Star Wars or Pixar films have a big fanbase. Corresponding series will have so many viewers to start, but it remains to be hoped that Disney finds a healthy mediocrity. From established streaming providers, we finally know that quantity is not everything – and Star Wars fans in particular will not hold back with criticism when quality is lacking. Let’s wait for the launch of Disney Plus .