With iOS 13 , Apple certainly plans some changes for iPhone users. The new version of the operating system is to introduce, among other things, a dark fashion and other practical innovations. Apple itself will probably only  call Details for iOS 13 at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2019 in early June . But insiders already know more about the expected features.

Those familiar with Apple’s internal affairs have talked to 9to5Mac about the plans for iOS 13. For example, a system-wide Dark Mode is planned, which makes the user interface much darker. That would be an important step: since the iPhone X. Apple installed OLED screens in his smartphones. And they need less energy to display black.

Start apps multiple times and use them in parallel

With iOS 13, you’re supposed to be able to open multiple windows for an app. This might make it possible to edit several documents at the same time or possibly even use two Facebook accounts in parallel. Users can probably have all open windows displayed on the iPhone, sort them and select them individually. This is reminiscent of the already existing for several years possibility in the Safari browser to open tabs on multiple websites.

New gestures and more overview with iPad

Quite practically sounds a new gesture that Apple is supposed to introduce with iOS 13. According to the source, this is an undo gesture. For example, if users swipe left or right with three fingers on the virtual keyboard, they can erase written text or restore deleted text. A tutorial should point users to the new option. This appears on the iPhone after the iOS update automatically on.

In addition, a new gesture is planned. With this, iPhone users can obviously mark several elements. For example, to delete various messages or photos in one go. Currently you have to tap each object individually. With another gesture, it should then be possible to move multiple elements directly between apps. Details on this but there are probably not yet.

Apple iPad Pro
The display of the iPad Pro (2018) is also large enough for desktop websites. 
iOS 13 should take this into account 

For owners of an iPad seems to be a practical innovation for Safari. On iOS 13, the browser should ask if he should open the mobile or desktop version of a web page. Currently it can happen that pages automatically choose the optimized for smartphones display. On the big tablet screen, content might seem unnecessarily large.

Automatic mail and new sound display

Also, the mail Apple app is to receive a revision. With iOS 13, she becomes smarter and then able to independently classify new messages into different categories. This should include “advertising”, “purchases” and “not important”. The question now is which type of mail could automatically end up in the latter category.

Apple also wants to improve the volume control on the iPhone and greatly optimize the corresponding user interface, according to the sources. With sounds in the future but also Siri better deal. So it should come less often to unwanted activations.

We’ll probably learn more on June 3, 2019, when the WWDC starts. The update to iOS 13 itself is expected to appear in the fall shortly after the release of the new iPhone models. We expect the successors of iPhone Xs , iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr in the course of September.