For thirteen years, PSN users had to wait for this day: Sony finally allows changing the online ID on PlayStation Network. As already indicated in early 2019, PS-4 users can now change their old PlayStation name. Anyone who has been on the road for ten years as “haxxor1elf” or “Legolas3013” can now switch to something befitting like “GamingDad” or “DerCEO”.

The name change, however, has a few rules: For example, offensive names that contradict the Sony guidelines are now automatically replaced by a temporary ID named “TempXXX”. Affected users will then be notified to change their PSN name accordingly. Incidentally, the change is only once free. Although the PSN-ID theoretically unlimited change often, but Sony can pay for this: Only the first change is free, any further change costs a total of 9.99 euros and for PS Plus subscribers still 4.99 euros.

That’s how you change your PlayStation name

Change the PSN-ID directly on the PS4 or via web browser:

  • PlayStation 4: Settings> Account Management> Account Information> Profile> Online ID.
  • Web browser: PSN profile> Select “Edit” next to Online ID.

Incidentally, to make sure your friends find you with a new name, you can display the old ID next to the new name for a month. Anyone who finds after the change that he finds the new PSN-ID but suddenly quite dreadful, can easily avoid this problem, because Sony also allows the switch back to the old ID. Regardless, anyway, no other user can take over the old PSN name – Sony locks all already assigned names. On the one hand that makes sense, on the other hand a pity, because of course it restricts the choices.

Name change not supported by all PlayStation games

It is also important that not all games support the name change. Sony guarantees that all PSN games released after April 1, 2018 will fully support the new ID. With current games like “The Division 2” or future titles like “Star Wars: The Fallen Order” that’s no problem. But what about older games on PlayStation Network?

Here Sony has released a list of all tested games that can be safely played with new PSN ID. It also lists the songs that have a PSN name change problem. These include many old titles, but also quite current games such as “Bloodborne”, “Dark Souls III”, “The Last of Us – Remastered” or “Titanfall 2”. Anyone who plays these games should initially refrain from changing the name.

The PlayStation 4 is the most successful gaming console of the current generation with over 90 million units sold. The PlayStation Network has over 110 million registered users. Already since last year persistent rumors hold that Sony would like to present its successor, the PlayStation 5, already this year. In the trade, the next Sony PlayStation will come next year. The exclusive titles at the start are “Grand Turismo 7” and the long-awaited “The Last of Us 2” count. Perhaps the blockbuster “Cyberpunk 2077” from “CD Project”, the home of the Witcher developers, will be a starting title