Intensive use or already cell phone addiction? What the screen time about my love for the smartphone reveals – and how to do something deliberate digital detox. By Lisa Bierbauer.

How do you actually measure cell phone addiction? Maybe this way: my personal screen time for the last seven days is on average five hours and 14 minutes per day. Considering that I’m awake about 16 hours a day, that’s … quite a bit. I spend a third of my day with my favorite apps like Instagram, WhatsApp or Spotify . In a week I spent almost 37 hours on my smartphone. Almost a full-time job! Am I dependent – and do not I have any hobbies? Well, apparently not that many.

Cell Phony: How much screen time is normal? 

I use Instagram most of all: I always finish and start my day by checking stories or liking new pictures. My Instagram daily average is one and a half hours. During this time I could also read the newspaper. Or jog. So far I only do it on weekends.

Incidentally, I am not alone with my screen time. Several studies have all come down to average cell phone usage – over three hours a day. This time is considered normal.

How can you lower your mobile phone usage? 

In my circle of friends are always making more mobile phone detox. So that means: You consciously do without your smartphone for a certain amount of time in order not to have to be reachable always and everywhere. Especially because they have the feeling that they are determined by their permanent accessibility.

The new operating systems from Apple (from iOS12) and Google (from Android 9 Pie) offer a practical feature in this regard: the screen time. Here you first get an insight into the actual smartphone usage – and see how much or little time you spend with the phone. In addition, you can set up a break. I have set for myself: From 22 to 7 clock I want to detox.

If I feel the urge to use the apps that are locked for this period anyway, I will be asked for how long I would like to “skip” the screen time today. You can also set app limits and how long you want to spend each day in a particular app. The limit helps to avoid wasting time on the smartphone.

To regulate the screen time of children 

Children and teenagers spend a lot of time on their smartphones. Basically, it is practical and gives a sense of security if you can reach your child here or there. However, if the sprout spends half its free time on a smartphone with some “cool” app, most parents may not find it that funny. 
Phrases like “in the past, we just played in real and not digitally together” must sound unbelievably old for Digital Natives. Better: Show the child the personal screen time, which means mobile phone addiction and make comparisons. “If you had not spent so many hours on your phone, you could have done this or that.

Smartphone Detox – was everything better in the past? 

Of course not everything was better in the past and a smartphone has 1000 and a positive quality. Personally, I do not want to think about life without my handy digital helper – over or over use of the phone. It is worthwhile, however, if one uses his smartphone reflected. And not always open any app, just because one could be bored waiting for the subway or just before falling asleep two minutes. In some situations you should be more pleased to have to do nothing for a few moments. Or remember how nice it is to stare into the air, to observe a bustle – or in the classic way in between grab book or magazine again. Maximum retro, so to speak.