It seems like yesterday, but it’s been almost 14 years since the premiere of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), one of the first instant messaging applications that flooded our mobile phones, after much of our lives using MSN Messenger on computers.

The messaging application for BlackBerry phones , which was launched in August 2005, ceases activities in its commercial version (free) so if you want to continue using it you will have to switch to business, and it is not entirely free.

Since 2016 the BlackBerry Messenger application has been managed by Emtek and after a few years where no profitability has been found due to the loss of users, they have just announced that the commercial version will be finished on May 31st . In any case, the good news is that the corporate version of BlackBerry Messenger, which you can download from Play Store or App Store, will continue to be operative.

The downside of this version, is that although its download is free and the first year of use also, from there every six months you will have to pay $ 2.50 to continue using it. This business version of the application added encryption, message editing and many other functions.

The beginnings of BlackBerry Messenger in these devices were spectacular, given that they allowed us to send text messages to our friends without any type of limitation and free of charge. These Blackberry phones, which you know are characterized by their compact keyboard, were quite a revolution before the arrival of the smartphones we know today. 

Although the BBM application arrived after Android and iOS in 2013, it was too late when other players such as WhatsApp were already triumphing.