A smartphone in which the screen takes up as much space on the front as possible – that is the goal of many top-of-the-range devices. Asus apparently now goes a special way to achieve this goal and to avoid a recess in the display (Notch): a double slider.

The said smartphone from Asus has a slider at the top, allowing users to extend the selfie camera. This can be seen on conceptual images that the leak expert Evan Blass aka Evleaks has published on his Twitter account. You can find the tweets at the end of this article. The special feature: The device also has an extendable part at the bottom, which contains the speaker. In this way, an almost completely borderless display is possible.


So far only one concept

It looks like the back of the smartphone is one piece. Users can move these either up or down – depending on which function they need right now. Currently, Asus’ smartphone is presumably just a concept. Accordingly, it is not known whether the manufacturer will actually publish it.

As early as 2018, many companies have tried to publish smartphones with as borderless displays as possible. However, the accommodation of the front camera is always a challenge. The Chinese manufacturers Oppo and Vivo are using newer devices for a pop-up camera . And Samsung is rumored to put in the Galaxy A90 on such a technique .