The Apple Watch is said to have saved so many users. A recent report on such a case states that the wearer of the wearables actually did well. Worried by sudden warnings of the gadget, however, the action took place – and so saved itself the life itself.

“I lay in bed, enjoying some television and homemade beef breast, when my Apple Watch told me that my heart rate was very noticeable and suddenly super high (thanks to heart rate indications),” the rescued argues. Although the user was still okay at the time, he dialed the emergency call. Otherwise he might not have been able to publish the report and the later photo from the hospital. When the ambulance arrived, the patient’s body was already in a state of shock.

Apple Watch saves valuable time

Thanks to the early warning, the helpers arrived in time and provided the patient with an infusion and oxygen. A defibrillator was prepared but not needed. The patient eventually returned to the hospital and received confirmation from doctors that he was experiencing cardiac arrhythmia. Apparently, all the chambers of his heart worked as intended, but at a much too high speed. Afterwards an appointment with the cardiologist was arranged.


According to the report, the user is convinced that the Apple Watch has saved his life. Especially in view of the physical problems that appeared to be very sudden after the emergency call, it is probably realistic. Incidentally, it is not known which model of Apple Watch was used in this case.