Apple has released two new explanatory videos for its current smartwatch. These explain the setup of two features of the Apple Watch Series 4 , which can save your life in an emergency.

In the video above this article, you’ll see how to activate the heart rate messages on your Apple Watch Series 4: First, open your Watch app on your iPhone. In the “My Clock” tab, scroll down and tap on “Heart”. Under “High Heart Rate” and “Low Heart Rate”, you now set an upper and lower limit. If your heart beats more often or less frequently per minute than the set limits suggest, the smartwatch will alert you.

Sport does not trigger an alarm

Note, however, that physical activity can increase your heart rate. Therefore, the upper limit set by you only applies if you have been inactive for ten minutes before. For the lower limit, your heart rate must go below this for ten minutes. Only if this is correct, notify your Apple Watch Series 4. Then it is up to you to see a doctor.

The Apple Watch Series 4 fall detection tutorial can be found at the end of this article. Also, the activation of this feature via the Watch App on your iPhone. Open the “My Clock” tab and then tap “Emergency SOS” below. Then you put the switch behind “Fall detection” – done. If you entered the age of 65 when you set up your watch, the feature is automatically enabled.