Apple has just released five new videos. This is about the operation of the Apple Watch Series 4 . The focus is on fitness features, the changing of the bracelet and Siri.

Short and sweet: Apple needs only about 30 seconds per clip to bring you your wearable a little closer and to explain a feature of the Apple Watch. For example, after four quick steps, you’ll know how to adjust your activity goal: Open the Activity app on your watch and press firmly on the display. Now indicate that you want to adjust your goals. For example, you can adjust the number of calories you want by turning the Digital Crown.

Adjust running goal, workout with Siri

Apple also reveals where you can find an overview of your activities. It can be worthwhile to know that: you will not get the best overview on your Apple Watch. To see how much you’ve moved the last few days, switch to the activity app on your iPhone. Press down on the tab “History”.

If you want to turn on Apple’s voice assistant Siri, Apple shows two different ways for the Apple Watch. Among other things, you can start the music player by voice or start a running training. In addition, Apple explains how to change your bracelet the fastest and adjust your running target. The videos can be found at the end of the article. Already in the past Apple put such practical explanatory videos online.