On March 25, 2019, it was finally time: Apple has lifted the veil and presented with Apple TV Plus its own video streaming service . Even if the event featured well-known stars like Oprah Winfrey and JJ Abrams, some questions about the service remained unanswered.

Although Apple already presented some formats that will be exclusively on Apple TV Plus. These include the science fiction series “See” with “Aquaman” star Jason Momoa; and also Steven Spielberg makes a series for the service. However, it is unclear whether the series will already be available for launch in the autumn of 2019, as The Verge reports. Besides, we do not know yet whether Apple, like Netflix, releases all episodes at the same time.

Apple Tv Plus
Some questions about Apple TV Plus left Tim Cook open (© 2019 Apple)

How much is the fun?

Of course, the most important question that all users are likely to ask is: what is the price for a subscription to Apple TV Plus? The company apparently wants to launch a separate service called “Apple TV Channels” in May 2019. It is not yet known if these channels are individually bookable or what a bundle could cost. At least one Apple has revealed: There should be no advertising.

Another important question the event could not (or only inadequately) answer: Why would users prefer to book Apple TV Plus, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video? What is the key advantage with which Apple enters the competition for the video streaming market? Apple will have to answer these questions in the near future if the company wants to assert itself. At least it has made it clear that Apple is ready to invest a lot of money.