An approved Apple patent indicates that the iPhone (2019) could offer an unusual feature. Apparently, the manufacturer is thinking about missing his upcoming top smartphone a “trial mode”.

This could be done using technology described in documents published by the US Patent & Trademark Office. Apple had filed the relevant patent application in 2017 – under the title “System And Methods For Enviroment Sensing”. One or more sensors are to allow a mobile telecommunication device to detect odors. An artificial intelligence can further sharpen the “sense of smell”.


Also conceivable for Apple Watch

The iPhone (2019) mentions Apple in the documents, although not explicitly. However, it is probably a candidate for the use of the described technology. An application scenario would be the analysis of air quality. But even a breathing gas analysis that allows conclusions about your health, is conceivable. The latter feature would not only make sense for smartphones like the iPhone (2019).

Even the successor to the Apple Watch Series 4 , this feature would be good to face. Finally, Apple is increasingly positioning its smartwatch as a health gadget. Recently, the manufacturer has released about the ECG function of the Apple Watch Series 4 in Germany.

As usual with patents, however, remains to be seen whether the technology described ever comes in an Apple device used. Which features this year’s iPhone will offer, we learn from the official side probably in the fall of 2019. Because at this time of year Apple introduces its new smartphones traditionally.