Three years ago that Apple presented for the last time MacBook Pro, enough time to go thinking about a renewal of its most powerful laptops. They do so from the company, which however does not seem to be clear when to announce these new equipment, a decision that could have been delayed.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst specializing in Apple and a usual prediction, Apple has decided to delay the launch of the new MacBook Pro until 2020 . That includes the rumored 17 “model and the smaller one, the 13” model. Both will arrive next year at the earliest.

The idea of ​​Apple is to take time to get a little more improve the hardware of these PCs before launch, in addition to solve some design problems that have arisen over time, especially in regard to keyboards , the target of the anger of Apple users affected by the defective equipment that has been selling for some years.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the two aforementioned models will arrive with more power than ever before , leaving for example up to 32 GB of RAM if the user configures it. In addition, both will have the Touch Bar so characteristic of the MacBook Pro.

It remains to be seen if this prediction is confirmed. For this we will have to wait for the next two keynotes of Apple in 2019: the month of June and the September-October, although in the second is more likely to only see the new iPhone, as usual.

The date marked in red on the calendar is the Developers Conference, an event that Apple celebrates in June and where in previous years we have seen new PC models of the brand. If there is no news about the MacBook Pro, is that they have effectively been delayed to 2020.

To date in 2019 we have only seen some new iPad and services, nothing absolutely groundbreaking in its catalog.

A product that this analyst mentioned in passing and that is no less important is a new screen in which the company already works. The novelty, in addition to the resolution 6K, is that it would be the first MicroLED panel from the secret laboratory of Apple .

[Source: MacRumors ]