More than 300,000 viewers are watching ‘Apex Legends’ on Twitch. ‘Fortnite’ is just over 100,000. The game of EA and Respawn Entertainment has entered with an overwhelming force in the market of free to play, reaching in just a couple of days the two and a half million users and peaks of 600,000 concurrent players .

What many are wondering is if Epic Games should be scared by the rapid growth of the new fashion Battle Royale and, although ‘Apex Legends’ has much to prove to match ‘Fortnite’ , it is true that its entry into the genre comes from the hand of many great ideas. This is what they offer one and another face to face.

Battle Royale

Let’s start comparing the essential, the vision that have ‘Apex Legends’ and ‘Fortnite’ of the genre Battle Royale. In this case it is the second one that stays more faithful to the original idea that ended up being derived in ‘PUBG’ , a map in which to survive against another 100 players and that will reduce its playing area to force users to approach between them more and more.

‘Apex Legends’ takes that idea and limits it in number of players and options, without exceeding 60 concurrent users and forcing, at least for the moment, to play in teams of three instead of allowing the election. ‘Fortnite’ , on the other hand, has a solo mode, in pairs or teams, in addition to different game modes that modify common rules such as types of weapons allowed, duel between two teams of 50 players or the respawn of those killed in combat.

Game experience

One of lime and one of sand, being ‘Apex Legends’ who takes the pat on the back in this regard. The sensations transmitted by the Respawn game weapons, a potential inherited from the ‘Titanfall’ saga, are infinitely better than those of ‘Fortnite’ . The weight of the weapons, the damage of the bullets and, in general, the inputs offered by the game to show you how well you are doing or not, are exquisite.

The same level of quality offers the movement of the player, despite not being as agile and broad as ‘Titanfall’ showed, it is much more worked than the title of Epic Games. Either to climb ledges, launch by zip lines or slide down slopes, the control offered is total, getting that going from here to there is always much more comfortable. In ‘Fortnite’ , however, have had to opt for the inclusion of vehicles so that the trips on the map do not become so heavy.


We entered into a draw by comparing the experience playing with friends or alone. On the one hand ‘Fortnite’ does everything possible so you can enjoy the game to your liking with a considerable variety of modes. On the other, ‘Apex Legends’offers the necessary tools so that playing alone / with strangers is never a problem. Contextual actions such as marking a point on the map or notifying colleagues of a weapon you do not want, is as easy as pointing to the target you want to highlight and pressing a button.

Equally surprising is the stability with which the two games have been maintained. As much as the merit is greater for ‘Fornite’ for all the time it has been at the bottom of the canyon, its growth has been more controlled and, in the case of its ” rival “, has entered in style with an announcement and growth of players that went from 0 to 100 in just one afternoon.

News in the genre

If we start to look at the magnitude of what both games have contributed to the Battle Royale genre, ‘Fortnite’ takes the lead. Based on constructions, he knew how to differentiate himself from ‘PUBG’ from the first moment, and with the passing of time and the embrace of ideas such as the Battle Pass or the creation of unique events within the game (the last the ” live ” concert more multitudinous history), it has become one of the most viralizable interactive experiences on the internet.

‘Apex Legends’ , on the other hand, is a puzzle based on copying good ideas that have been working here and there. There is the Battle Pass of ‘Dota 2’ (and then ‘Fortnite), the heroes with ‘ Overwatch ‘ abilities , the’ PUBG ‘weapons modification system (of those who also take the use of shields and helmets, as well of everything related to the genre), the aesthetics of ‘Borderlands’ … A hodgepodge in which even the gunfeel and movement is extracted from ‘Titanfall’, which is forgiven and criticized in equal parts. First because after all the game is the same people, and second because much of the mobility we saw there has been reduced.

However it is fair to recognize ‘Apex Legends’ some very good ideas. That when you launch onto the battlefield there is a player that ensures the union of the team, that you can save your teammates even after they have fallen permanently, the mobility and verticality that add to the experience … Very interesting concepts that have shown to work the sea of ​​good and that, without a doubt, the games that come behind will try to replicate.

The charisma of its universes and characters

And finally we enter swampy terrain or, so to speak, the most complicated to assess for being especially tied to the tastes of each one. As we mentioned, ‘Apex Legends’has taken advantage of the ‘Titanfall’ aesthetic to dress up their game, but it does so by looking at a mirror that reflects more what was attempted and achieved by ‘Overwatch’ with the creation of its characters that seen so far of the saga of giant robots. Needless to say, where Blizzard triumphed with a heartbreaking force, Respawn Entertainment fulfills and little else.

‘Fortnite’ is another song because, based on skins and fiddling with everything that nowadays can become a meme, it has created a world-recognizable image. Not only because of the appearance of their characters, ranging from a man dressed as a dinosaur to a skeleton, but also for all those dances that children and adolescents replicate on a daily basis when they have the opportunity.

But then … ‘Apex Legends’ or ‘Fortnite’?

The next few weeks, already far from agreements with influencers and streamers that seem more than obvious, will mark whether the success of ‘Apex Legends’ is something capable of staying in time or is tied to the novelty. To date ‘Fortnite’ not only has not shown signs of weakness, has not stopped growing in users and visualizations, and that is a very difficult achievement.

Reasons for both share plot there, especially because they are two very complementary games instead of direct rivals, but that the figures that we mentioned at the beginning turn around is relatively easy to foresee. Who knows if in a few months, when ‘Apex Legends’ settles down and starts showing his cards with new characters and options, he will have the opportunity to pass over ‘Fortnite’ , but today I would not bet on it for very good looking have their numbers.